Friendship over efficency

Some of you might remember, that I already wrote about Emergency 1 – Fighters for Life (this old video game). And I also mentioned one mission with a football game and how I solved it with just one man and his car.

No, not knight rider. 😀 Although it could have been cool, but this one (green) police officer.

The following video shows almost exactly the same thing, but instead of one, the player used two. Given the highscore list at the end, probably out of choice. So probably this player also solved it with just one officer as well. At least when the points were mainly related to the money and used forces and not so much on the way they were used.

But the video was about two officers, while one also would have done the job, like I said. It is not clear why two, maybe because it looked better, maybe just because. For my part I first of all thought: “Thank you that I am not the only one who played this game (like this).” And then I thought, well, maybe it was that the officer wasn’t alone there and they could have a few jokes while waiting. Or that they together could maybe cheer up the waiting people, until the others left the scene. Things are usually better with others, but not always. Just in the long run it is always good to have at least someone else and maybe many “someone elses”. 😀 ❤

In todays world and in some regions maybe most of the time, efficency and control were more important than anything else. As if the human was there for the work to be done and not the other way around, in order to feel good.

Me: Well and yep, they were even green in the english version.

You: Who?

Me: The policemen. And they had no guns.

You: Wait what? No guns?

Me: No guns!

You: How did they manage that all these people stayed calm and waited, without guns?!

Me: Magic.

I think it is sadly correct to use this word here, since some people don’t know the meaning of life and respect anymore.

You: Towards the police?

Me: ???

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