Good Morning (Irene)

A little something, some music and more music and hopefully some better dreams. And while we are at it, some clearer thoughts.

German advertisement video for a game, but actually it is about real life (more or less):

These two are just legends and the whole team who made these videos.

Sadly it is german, but I guess it speaks for itself, even without understanding the words.

I really like her, she always brings the best topics and hits the nail on the head.

While the storm was 9 years ago, the trees are still shaking their heads about people who think they can control the earth and maybe the whole universe, if they would be able to.

This actually reminds me of Poland and the beginning of WWII, when the invasion of Poland was excused by a blue on blue attack, with fake Poland soldiers attacking Germany. So the germans were convinced that it was Poland which attacked first, while they had no idea.

Good that people are well informed about these kind of strategies and don’t fall for it again. Oh wait… I expected it, but the expectations weren’t met as usual. Interestingly enough a lot of things still get approved, eventhough they don’t meet the expectations. The expectations just get adjusted.

And sadly the victims were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. It is painful, how governments treat their own people, as usual..

I mean, what does it even mean: We set the highest level of securty, so everyone can follow their religion freely? I mean, isn’t that kinda paradox? No? Well, yea…. like most things.

Don’t die out there!


Stay safe…

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