Well, eh… I started a new series on Netflix after The Queen’s Gambit and it is called Barbaren (Barbarians). And then the above happened.

And I also thought, well, isn’t it coincidence how this series came into existence right now. Talking about Barbarians:

Something is coming lads, something for sure.

And how the Romans called us Barbarians, while we actually were more alive and natural than the Romans ever were. I mean look at them, they protect themselves with metal and a lot of cool looking things. But the more you need to protect yourself, the less you are actually able to live, give and fight. The more you hide behind metal, masks and gear. The more there is evil and hatred and fear.

The Romans were many, but guts they had any.

Why? Because they were acting, thinking and fighting like machines. Even looked like them a little. Why did they won usually? Because they looked scary, were many and had hard and big shields and tactics.

Romans… They still exist, eventhough they might look different now.

A Roman can never be alive because the way of life is foreign to them. All they know is control and so they try to control life, like a machine. But a machine is also just a product of life or a creation of some of its creatures.

My heart bleeds because the machines destroy nature, machine minds. You can’t control nature, you can only try to convince it to kneel down in front of you. But only until you get a kick in the stomach and knock on your head. Either to wake up or fall down and be dead.

Too many winters have passed an it got only worse,

while many have died for the liveless old purse,

it isn’t a blessing – but only a curse,

do you need fire or a nurse?

Water my friend. Water and trees and air.

There is more for sure, but we should make it fair.

Otherwise there is only hate and dispair.

Like it used to be, when they didn’t care.

And you know what happens there.

Fights can be fought in so many ways. Violence is the least form, but the one so many crave. While there are so many other ways.

The mouths of the people can’t stay closed. The mouths of those who are in the shadows, hiding in the dark, hiding behind masks to protect. All they want is life, to live and share and give. Why couldn’t some not get enough?!

They could have had a part of it, instead they wanted all of it.

And so they rise and rise and rise.

But soon they shall pay the price.

One way or another.

But a brother, doesn’t kill a brother.

And a sister, not a sister.

Be it from foreign lands or the forest tribes.

Natures children are everywhere.

Some just thought they could outsmart her.

Would they just have known,

that even they will just bleed what they own.

Would they just have known, that there could have been other ways.

But all they do is counting numbers, counting days.

And the rest is taking, what the counter says.