You get born, without knowing what others expect of you or that there would be such things as expectations.

Then you get angry, because you are not allowed to be yourself.

You actually love the people and would be happy to be with them, but they don’t get it until you also don’t know anymore. Because they are busy doing weird things and complicated unnecessary stuff. Also boring and painful and could be so much easier. But no, they don’t want a change.

You want it to end so badly because you can’t be what they want and they don’t let you be who you want to be and do what you want. Or even worse, they do what they want all the time, but as soon as you do it, they call you the son of the devil.

And well, at some point you believe what they say or think. Although they wouldn’t say it this way. They would just say, that you are a problem. That you should be like the others and do what they do.

Only to realize that you actually never were the one you almost started to believe you were and what they might have thought about you.

But then it almost feels as if it is to late for things to be good again. The way they were supposed to be. Without all the rage and hate you got put upon you. Without all the pain and misery. But all you can do now is wait and hope for a good way out.