What is your profession, soldier?

Having a profession, only means, you stopped fighting at some point.

A free human doesn’t or hasn’t a “profession”, free people just do things, learn things and fight for the freedom. So yeah, if people ask me, what profession I have, I probably just say: “I am a professional AUUUUUUHHHH”

People: Are you hurt son?


And some people are actually pretty pissed because they know more than me, but are also waiting here and wish things to finally be different.

But then I see them watching the news and doing what it says:

People: But this was actually the lottery and the guy started laughing for no reason.


News, lottery, the weather, jokes? – All the same

You have seen nothing.



Meanwhile life:

But right now the train is still running, atleast from what I have seen.

And well, yea… I hope it ends something like this, but I am just too tired right now. Tired of this never ending train and it just doesn’t stop coming, or maybe agaain and again?

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