Fear Factor

Man good to know that we live in a society with a good amount of fear factor. Wait, fear, wait a minute. Fear wasn’t the good thing? No?

Shit, we live still in a world based around fear? While flowers actually give give so much more power? People “fight” better, are happier and want to live without fear? What, what what? No way, let’s give them COVID-19 restrictions and call basically everything dangerous, against the law and a risk of life. Because they don’t have to know that it actually always was like this, only now we show them again, so they get reminded who is boss.

Eh… I mean, who is helping them.

What did just happen?

Eh… I will mark this as “unwanted knowledge” and “can be overriden”, in case the harddrive should need some more space, I mean empty cells, brain…c…

You: Hey

Me: Okay.

And after these few videos, which somehow made a lot of sense, while they shouldn’t make sense (or should day?), I feel a lot better all of a sudden.

You: You sure about that?

Me: Ask me something easier. No wait, better don’t ask me, just tell me I am not again dreaming all of this.

You: It is a dream, boy.

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