Never bored

If one thing in life is for sure, with all these people and you guys, life won’t ever get boring. And you never know what happens next.

But sadly most things are predictable because most people actually live in boxes, get put in them and so the world is a pretty dark and broken place to be.

Luckily we have each other and can make things a lot brighter together.

We might not always be on the same “wave” or “frequency”, if you understand, but otherwise it would be boring and depressing any way.

It is good to be different, have different ideas, inspiration and ways to live and all. Because this is creativity, this is life and freedom.

And otherwise things wouldn’t be alive, colorful and interesting after all.

The only problem with differences is, when someone tries to force you into following, accepting or learning your way or some way of life.

And this happens way too often, in way too many countries around the world. It takes people their ability to chose, to learn, to live and be happy.

Tonight ( or today, since it was day time 😀 ) I dreamed a lot again. Was swimming in a lake or ocean. Was driving with a car, had seen my town in a completely different light, all colorful, new buildings, some of them even looked indian and in general way different. I have dreamed of being with a lot of people. It was summer time, although in another dream / part, it was cold and rainy. In the dream with my colorful town, I have seen a lot of people wearing masks. At first I didn’t care for it that much, but after my brain told me, that there soon will be punishment for people without, or that it might already could be active, I got scared. Because in the dream there was no real time or something. I had no year, no clock, nothing.

But my town seemed a lot different, as I said. As if it was 10-15 years in the future. And so the more I thought about it, the more scared I got. Because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pay the price and also feared to get into jail. Then I ran away and the dream faded away as well. And I knew, that the colorful town wasn’t good the way it was, because it was built out of fear.

Before that I also dreamed of sitting in a big room of some college or university or something. There were many old computers, even models I haven’t seen and which probably don’t even existed. But it was pretty real, as real as you see through your eyes. In case we see similar things. Which isn’t always given 😀 But yes, it was this real. My dreams are usually like this, what it makes really hard to see the difference between dream and reality for me. It is just that I consider this as “real” or “reality” because it usually stays longer and my memory tells me, that I am in a place I have been before. So I know, that I am home. Or something like that.

And the last thing I dreamed was me or at least someone listening to music. The song title was something like: Already quitting – …. A.P.A.R.T – ….

There was some more, but I couldn’t remember all the words. I just thought, that it might could be actual music someone, somewhere was actually listening to at that point. Because I believe that we can meet in dreams or through what we experience as such. But so far I never really knew, whether it was just my infinite imagination, playing tricks on me or actually happening this way. Like this reality also often seems to be part of my own mind. Which of course for you and probably most people makes no sense and shouldn’t make sense, but yea…. you haven’t seen what I have seen, in that case. And really, I don’t want that everything is just in my infinite mind, while I am fading away in or through space or whatever. I want to be fully alive together with all these people I found and shown here and you. Or maybe you are also one of them. 😀

Anyway, thank you for being!

And I hope, that I might one day be able to be there and we are happy together.

And about the “Kumbaja” (or how it is caled), I am not a “everyone can be friends and all is peace and fun” person. You should really know that by now. I just believe, that it could and should be possible, that a lot of people could actually be happy together, be different and still care for each other. And that there might always be someone or something, which wants to harm us, attack us and basically control all of it, but that we can fight back.

And that we don’t let us get dragged down by them, it, those.

This is my wish, my dream. But it can’t work with fear, control and from above (in either way). It has to happen in your heart (and partially in the brain). My heart lives, learns and knows (maybe not literally, but still more like that), my brain is just processing and sorting things, maybe storing. Without a brain, the body can still live and maybe even rebuild the brain. Without a heart, you are fully dead. At least when it comes to my knowledge of biology and bloodflow. And my bloodflow sometimes is pretty slow…

So yea, in what I call “real” life, things will never be boring and we will make it this way. Otherwise I should ask, why video games, movies and books are more interesting, creative and “feel” alive, than this. I mean, they are part of this reality, so how should they be more than the “thing” they were made in? Think about it. 😀

Have a good day or night.

And if it isn’t, just survive it! ❤