Professional, Expert, Specialists VS Gore N’ Freeman

No one can give you a certificate, license, reward or level up for anything.

People: But I got a driving license, I got a job certificate and even 20 rewards in my cabinet.

Do you know, that if you would take the criteria and conditions for these certificates, licenses etc. really serious, then you would have to be a robot / machine to actually fullfil them and even they got flaws and bugs sometimes.

So why is it, that you trust people with certificates, that you work for certificates and some people even pay for certificates?

Well, it is simple because this way, you can control people.

Because only machine minds will work for machine systems.

People: But I am not a machine, I can think for myself and what you tell, sir, is a bunch of crap.

Me: goes to a tree and asks for his ID card


Because he didn’t have one.

People: Yes sure, it is a tree.

Me: I know.

People: So why did you cut it down for not having an ID card?


But we all know, that you can only trust someone with a certificate, a license and a title. History proofs that only they could tell the truth, say what is right and wrong and speak for God’s or people. Since people weren’t able to.

But then let me ask, how did were they able to?

Let me ask, why was it possible for them, why not for you or me?

I mean, if they could do it, then everyone can do it.

But oh no, you first have to learn and train hard and long.

I mean, you know that actually no one can give you a grade, make you sit in school, give you numbers and points for your behavior or titles?

When I play video games, I also play some games with rewards, titles and all that. But in the game it makes sense. Because you know that the computer calculates everything with numbers, keeps track of it and there are specific rules for everything. At least usually, otherwise the computer would have a hard time to calculate all that. I mean, how should the computer calculate creativity? Others call it hacking, by the way.

Because in a game it made sense, that when I collected a certain number of experience points, I would get to the next higher rank, level etc.

But then I thought, so how do people in real life do that, for example in the military or just basic work? I mean, it isn’t as if they would keep track of every action and give points for these things.

Did you know, that people actually tried that? And that they then even said that it isn’t fair, but that people could get more money, if they get more points? And I mean, that happened in my town as well, at least some people tried to convince the mayor of the town to do it. But back then he didn’t accept it. Because really, how should you do that?

But these days you can do everything with apps, right?

Wrong… but sadly it is believed to be true because some people live only with or through their apps.

I mean, basically you could fake everything pitch perfect and get all the points, while someone else tries to do it in an honest way, just doing the job, but won’t get all points.

And this is the way of life for many people.

I mean, no one can really measure everything. You simply can’t measure everything. You can measure some things, in some way, for example the current in a wire and such things. Or you heart beat, the weight of some things. But how on earth do you want to measure everything or know how everyone feels, what is healthy for everyone and all that?

This is impossible, simply impossible because by nature and the laws of life, love and nature, nothing is equal. Even twins aren’t, only some might be equal or seem equal from the outside.

What does this say about our society, about our education, science and governments etc.? It says, that they treat us like machines. Because usually a machine is equal in a series. But I mean, even machines sometimes have flaws, so then they would be destroyed, returned to the factory or some parts would be replaced.

If you now understand, that we live in a world in which everyone is wanted to be equally broken or working or thinking. Then you know, that this shit is real.

Why do so many people put colors into their face, on their lips, eyelids etc? I mean, not just woman, also little girls or men.

This has nothing to do with genders, with being free to do what you want. Because for me personally you can paint yourself whereever, in whatever way you want. And I mean, some people have also real nice tatoos and all. And I like that. But the point is, that in nature there is no need for such things in order for things to be beautiful.

For me personally I always thought that people with makeup in their faces look ugly and far from pretty. Or more like androids / robots.

It is actually unhealthy to do that because your skin can’t breath because of it. No matter what corporations / companies and their ads tell you. It simply is not natural, healthy and good.

And again, if someone wants to have some color, maybe warrior paint or a tattoo or something, no problem. But if you do it because you think it is normal, necessary or even healthy, then please don’t do it.

It makes you sick, not only your skin also psychologically.

I mean, it tells you even more, that you are not allowed to be yourself and supports corporations who want to produce the perfect child, perfect human or maybe even a replacement, in form of androids.

Since certificates and licenses and all that can only be fullfilled by those…

But I guess you are all just faulty products then, waiting for the new model, the better version.

People: But everyone does that.

Me: Well, yea… most people and that is the problem.

And hey, I mean if basically everyone can say anything, then yea, I can do that as well. Only that I speak some sense into you. Or at least make you question what you think.

My earthly appearance as a young man is pretty childish and provoking, I know, but otherwise you wouldn’t believe me as well.

And do you know, that in some movies old people or at least people who are some decades old, are playing masters? Or are accepted as masters of whatever?

Well, I mean, in history that might have been the case and maybe in some rare cases and regions it still is this way. But usually it is just all a big play nowadays.

Do you know the real age of a master these days and the average life expectency of a true master?

Well, it is 21.

Because true masters usually don’t survive much longer in this world because all the others with their greed, grieve, needs and jealousy don’t let them live much longer.

Some even reach the age of 27 and a few get even older. But the best time and the strongest are usually dead between 16 – 27 these days.

Because this is the range in which young people lose their last hope and either die from a sickness or suicide, if not other reasons.

I mean these days it is even a syndrome to help much, called Helper syndrome. As if helping is a crime or problem or whatever.

So the saying “the good die young” is actually true, sad, but true.

Why is it that they die? Probably because the weight to be a master is too much for them, understandably. I mean, I got 22 this year and wanted to kill myself for 2/3 of my life time. So I know what I am talking about here.

The more innocent ones die from sickness and the stronger ones die by suicide or fights or simply get locked away, called crazy.

Why is that? Well because no one is allowed to be a true master these days.

And since you can’t give someone an actual master title, no one really is a master these days and in theory everyone could be, even practical, but no one understands that. Because they think they have to go somewhere, do something until they get some paper or number or whatever…

All bullshit, if you ask me. But I bet in a few years people will also give ID cards to trees, if we continue like this. And then they give them names. So that you can identity them more easily. Oh wait…

Hey and in case you gave a tree a name and a tree is or was your friend, I feel you. I don’t mean you, I just try to say what is happening and how crazy some things are. But not giving a tree a name, but that a tree doesn’t need a name or ID to be alive. And so you also don’t need it, altough in our current way of living you get forced to have those. While of course having a name in our case could also be cool. I mean, you can give yourself a new name and call yourself For Mulder or Spongebob Squarepants for example. 😀 Why not? I mean, it is a name after all.

So if everyone is free to do whatever they want, but ptiests, governments and so called wise-ones know everything better. Then tell me, how did they get in touch with everything?

I mean just think about it, in order to measure, know and investigate everything, you would need a device, knowledge (or whatever), which would be bigger than the literal “everything”. This simply is not possible, while one thing is for sure, that “nothing” is impossible.

So then how should someone with a certificate know more than me or you? I mean, if I would be in charge, I could also give you a certificate for “best pun teller in the kingdom” and when another one comes, simply ask them for a “pun teller” license and if they didn’t got one, they should beat it.

Luckily we don’t do that in our society… oh wait.

So yeah, you really should think about school and what it does to your brain. Because school should actually be you asking questions, learning things on your own, maybe with someone giving you the possibility to do so and keep you safe, while working with dangerous things (for example nuclear reactions).

But better keep these things to the almighty alien robot scientists who are in the knowledge of everything since the day they were kicked in the butt, after they were born.



When you visit their dreams:

When I visit myself in my own dreams:

But well, usually my dreams are either me feeling as if I am walking around in real life, so basically dreaming, not talking much, hiding and experiencing all kinds of weird things. Oh and of course feeling weird.

And reliving traumatic events of course. I thought I got rid of those, but you know… you collect new ones each day, I guess at least when it comes to me and my life.

But I guess this “old” saying is true:

And then I look into the mirror and think: “Shit …


(Yea… Kidswaste… that is what I meant, clearly)

Hey and did you never ever asked, why YouTube blocked the “playlist” function for videos specially for kids? No?

Well, I also don’t know what it shouldn’t be allowed for children to add videos to a playlist. But I think, this way children could get the idea of putting things together. And no one needs people who put puzzle pieces together, since then they could get behind the illusions others put us into.

For example, that a human can only live a few decades or at best 120 or something. But ask this the old tree in the rain forest… oh wait THEY KILLED IT and so they will kill everyone at some point. At least I know who I am or who I was, when I get a bullet in my head.

Someone in (t)his room be like:

By the way, I am watching the 9th season of “The walking dead”, finally or maybe again? I don’t remember much, in that case. And in one episode they pinned a zombey on a board in a museum about human evolution. They pinned it on the last position next to a human skull.

And then they were joking about the “intelligent” design, since it perfectly represented how things are developing (or developed in the series).

Only that in our reality the walking dead are people who simply follow other people and their orders, phrases, titles and rules, without question. As if they already were zombies or some kind of mindless drones.

But wasn’t it said that the people rule and not a few assholes, I mean monsters… eh people?

No? Well, sorry then, I think I must be living in the wrong time line. Must have taken the wrong year in my time machine…

Meanwhile someone who didn’t find this blog and all knowledge of humanity:

After he discovered that I exist:

And what happened in my brain:

Good that we now all know what we are talking about here.

Possible blog visitors response:

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