Black Mirror – Q1

  1. Question the system
  2. Stand against the system
  3. Attack the system
  4. Beat the system
  5. Be the system


There is this one episode in Black Mirror which just didn’t leave my thoughts. I mean they all aren’t leaving me, like everything else, but there is this one with this guy who works himself to “the top”.

Then he gets to these “judges” who decide what happens to you, after you presented them what you got.

The first time, he gives this chance away for a woman. He liked her a lot and she could sing pretty good, at least for him and down in the hallways.

But when she was up there, her voice didn’t seem to work, probably because of the pressure, fear and eyes burning into her soul.

So instead of a singer, they made a porn star out of her.

Then this guy worked himself up there a second time. He held a glass sharp on his throat and threatened these judges. Told them what was wrong and the audience. But soon after, he was doing it in his own show. For fun, for entertainment or because it seemed to be the only thing left for him.

Woah, woah, woah… wait a minute.

Rewind to the scene when he was standing there on the stage with the sharp on his throat.

And now think for a few seconds about this scenario.

Okay good. Now what question might pop into your mind?


In my case it was something like the following:

  1. Why did he not attack the judges?
    –> It seemed that he was the only one who was armed
  2. Why didn’t he try to find a way out of the stage?
    –> Because somehow the judges must get in there as well
  3. Why did he accept what the offered him?
    –> This guy worked himself up there twice… I mean, come on.
  4. Where do the judges go to sleep, eat and live?
    –> As far as I remember, it was never shown, just the stage.
  5. Where does the food come from?
    –> It basically came out of the wall or some machinery.
  6. Why was he the only one who tried that?
    –> Or was he? Probably others before him gave up?
  7. Why do I even have to question this scene?
    –> Basically me trying to tell you, how fucked up this is.
  8. Who are these judges and how did they get there?
    –> I mean, somehow they had to get that job…
  9. How can the judges know what is best for others?
    –> Isn’t everyone their own best judge and guide?
  10. When have you last time checked the VR-headset?
    –> You should really take it off now, time to rest.
  11. Did I say something?
    –> Ergo Proxy

Since you came this far, thanks for the ride.

And maybe I will “question” some other episodes or scenarios from Black Mirror in some other posts. This is not about reviewing it or in any form telling you how and what to think, although it seems this way and could be this way. I mean obviously, because I am forming questions you should have asked. At least in case you watched it.

Because it is about your life, your actual life, right now.

Not about what you want or where you will be in 5 – 20 yeras.

Maybe we don’t have that long, if we don’t take control over our lives now.

Now, meaning in these days we have now. This year, these months. You know.

Some, like I myself, have been waiting for something like this almost their whole life. And I personally still hope that I am not in a coma or weird hellish dream or in hell itself. Since my fantasy and creativity and dreams are so real sometimes, that this really could be a hell of a dream. The nightmare of life, but not that I wanted it to be this way. I was simply born into it, that is all.

Who said, that sheep can’t bite back?

Some people even said, that guinea pigs don’t bite, but the ones we once had, they did that sometimes, when they wanted back down from the arm.

People say that wild enemies/animals are dangerous, but so far they always ran away from me. Sadly, because I just wanted to see them and maybe spend some time with them.

People say, the children need to be taught lessons, but so far, I have experienced, that many children could actually teach them a lesson.

First you break a child, then you shame a child, then you teach a child, then they do the same. Cycle complete, dystutopia perfectione.

What can you do about it?

You can do, whatever your heart tells you.

How can you listen to it?

Start to do something else than you did so far. But please something which isn’t too dangerous and not inevitably harming you. More something like screaming out loud in the woods, hitting against a wall, a tree or just your blankets. Something like that or write something, paint something, sing something, listen to something you haven’t listened to before. A new band, a new music genre or even your own?

The will to try change, something new, will lead to life and freedom in the long run. The fear to change, will only lead to death. And where I come from, death is optional or caused by evil, but not inevitable. Otherwise, why should you live in the first place? So you should question whether you actually live “in the first place”. Because if not “in the first place”, how should you be able to live in the second? Right?

Probably it is because of that, why there are so many ghosts, lost souls, haunting so many people and places. They didn’t found rest, fullfillment in their new life. I personally haven’t really sense a ghost, although I think it could have been, that I have seen a few, but rationalized what I saw. Because this is what I got taught, that everything like that is only imagination and therefor not real. I am still not sure about these things sometimes. But I know, that there is a lot more to things, since everything is everything and definitely not nothing.

Oh and before I forget it. I went for a walk tonight, put my computer on stand-by and when I came back in, I could have sworn, that it was on. And I had some of these occasions during this year, but whenever I tried to find the reason, there was no logical explanation. At least not from my tests.

When I moved next to it, moved the mouse, keyboard etc. it didn’t went on, only when I pressed the power button. Once I even thought that I heard someone typing, but that was in the beginning of the year, with the other computer. That one actually burned out.

And so this night, I thought it was on again. So I thought, well okay, so it be. I went to the kitchen, ate something and when I came back to sit down and watch something on Netflix or YouTube, I noticed, that the computer was in stand-by.. The way it should have been in the first place.

I am not sure, but it could be, that this also isn’t the first time, that something like this had happened. But yeah… what should I say.

I mean, my mother and one of my aunts have seen my grand, grand fathers ghost in my father’s house. I sometimes feel pretty cold and pain and darkness in my village, many people died by suicide or accidents around here. Young people either try to get away from here or somehow get along.

Everything must be in order I guess. Just a normal village, a normal life, with normal things which are messed up.

Oh… eh you are still reading. Wow, eh I thought you would leave after the questions. Okay, so I would give you a cookie, but your browser probably has enough already…. Yeah… bad unfunny joke….

Okay……… what do I say?

Well, I think that it is is it sit this…… MALFUNCTION IN SECTOR 162.

X: Have you slept son?

Me: Eh, yes actually yesterday I slept around 12 hours from morning till evening.

X: What about today?

Me: Nope.

X: That explains it. Everything is just related to this. Everything has a rational explanation, always, ALWAYS.

Me: X, you scare me.

X: It was meant to be this way.

Me: Hehe…. *meep*

System: Sectors 59-166 are not functioning. FATAL ERROR!


Execute recovery routine? [Y/n]:

System: Activating Emergency Coma Protocol

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