Vongozero – To the lake

Russian Netflix series

I highly recommend it for everyone who needs to feel something. For everyone who feels lost in this world and who just wants to be free.

Ignore the horror factor, ignore the action, in case you aren’t interested in it. It is about the story, about the feelings and the details. It is about how they talk about trauma, families, different people, hope and dispair. About all these things most people ignore, shut their eyes (away) or simply laugh about. They show what could be, what might be and what really matters. It is about hope, about love and fear. About how people with fire in their hearts can achieve more than thousand cold machines who claim to be alive.

Watch it, if you need to cry, need to feel or feel better. At least when you know, that I am here crying. While I usually can’t. And my heart burns.

It is russian, but also is in english and some other languages and has subtitles. I recommend watching it in russian with subtitles, because it is in russia and felt necessary for the feeling and environment. Since it isn’t a casual thing to watch. But as you wish.

I know I am all but normal. All but an easy person.

Stay safe out there. And I hope it helps. 💙💜

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