Ashore they are floating

Ashore they were all floating,

while the watchmen were waiting,

thinking of tomorrow morning,

the same like yesterday’s.

And the clouds were washing away the sorrow,

Hey friend, got a heart? Can I borrow?

Hey friend, got some love? Have my sorrow.

Hey friend, can I have your smile, for tomorrow?

And all the waters went back to the caves.

No more seas, no more lakes, no more waves,

but noone cared, they just walked to their graves,

like they always used to do.

And by the morning sun they burned away,

and with the fog and smoke, there was no day,

just the thickened air, the deadly clay.

And the flies were making their way.

Flowers were growing up, the water’s back ashore,

the birds come back from far forgotten lands,

the angel wings, hot, burned, just coal,

while some are waiting and some float ashore.

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