American Horror Story

Brutal, perverted, dark, disgusting, sick, soul crushing, diabolic

Representing reality, tries to educate, tries to break the curse, wants to help us see, sad, hopeless, scream for help

These are some words to describe this TV show, which now has nine seasons and goes through all darkness, secrets and unspoken topics.

I watched all of the season except for the last because it wasn’t available on Netflix, the last time I checked it. And I also didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago, that there actually already was a ninth season based around “1984”.

This series is really nothing for someone who is easily dragged down by fear, sadness or anger. And also not for someone who still hasn’t seen all of what evil and darkness has to offer and what most people hide away.

So in case you are someone who is very emotional, has a good heart and can’t take a lot of injustice, darkness and all that, then I don’t recommend it. At least not alone and especially not when you are already in a dark hole.

I watched it anyways, since you know… I always tried to make myself want to die. Which almost worked, but luckily turned into the opposite. At least when it comes to living for people like me. For myself I still don’t want to stay here another day. Because this world is just so horrible and weird and painful. But yeah… you know how it is.

So here are the intros and some music of this series.

And in case you have someone to watch it with or are fighting your battles usually alone, like me, the maybe this is something for you.

Because between all these weird things which are happening, in this series and therefor also in real life, is always this shimmer of hope. This longing for something different. And there often are some characters which just want to be good or are good, but they are lost or feel lost.

And remember, horror movies (not all of course, but many), can and often are used to educate people, as well as bringing up topics which otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned or listened to at all. Since most people have either no time, interest or will to pay attention to these things. But entertainment is always something most people are interested in. So while of course a lot of this entertainment is shit and makes you sick, some of it might seem weird or sick, but could actually help you. And if not now, then maybe in the future.

Okay, now here they are…

Season 1 – 7 Openings:

Season 8 Opening:

Season 9 Opening:

(I didn’t watch this one so far, as I said)

And a fan made opening for a possible 10th season: