How to control a planet

A guide for evil master minds

(e.g. aliens, machines or other stones)

(music for reading)

Short (few seconds version):

  1. Check for possible resources, lifeforms and possible dangers.
  2. In case you found lifeforms, check for a certain level of intelligence.
  3. If you found a lifeform smart enough to learn, try to teach it.

Long version:

You discover a planet which has some valueable resources.

You also discover lifeforms on this planet. Since you don’t want to do all the hard work on your own and also not waste your resources (maybe your own species, technology etc.), you find one which is suitable for your needs.

Typically it would be one similar to your own, since you know that they would be able to understand you or be able to learn from you.

When you got enough data about the possible candidates, you decide for one which is doing best under the given conditions. Then you show them some “card tricks” or magic. Basically your technology or maybe psychic abilities (or whatever you got). Since this native living lifeform will then be curious like you once were, it will feel the need to understand what you did or maybe do the same.

You of course know, that only the ones who learn for and from themselves can really understand and do things. So you teach them, but only what they have to know. Because your main goal is to make them work for you. Don’t forget that. If you want, you can make a few of them your personal pets or friends. Either way you like it, since they are no danger for you after all.

You can share special knowledge with them, or invent some more interesting stories, so your “friends” or personal slaves, will think they are special. Then you send them out and tell them, that they should teach the rest of their species. You of course have to be good to them and convince them, that you are helping them. Otherwise they could become suspicious. Since that is a natural reaction to harm, irrational behavior or crime.

But at this early stage, they don’t even know what a crime is. Since they feel no need for greed. This will come in handy later because you know from experience, that at some point some of the lifeforms will evolve or at least start to think about the knowledge more deeply.

This is dangerous, since it could encourage them to work against you or at least question your authority. Because you have to always keep in mind, that a certain level of free will is necessary for the native lifeform to opperate, but too much will make it attack you. Since the natural defense would come up.

So while the first “friends” you made, were sent out to teach about your religion or whatever, you can slowly start teach the next generation and so on. After some time, they will understand, that the knowledge you gave them is not enough or invalid. So you simply invent a new religion and call it “science” or something like that.

A short example:

There is a high possibility that under a lot of pressure and pain, some individuals will realize and even grow, that what their parents, leaders etc. teach them is nonsense.

You then can attempt to find possibly “symptoms” for these exceptions, you obviously don’t want. Then you feed the teachers with new knowledge. Since they trust your advice, they will teach the rest of the people the new knowledge. At best the parents and local community will then take care of the problem themselves.

Since you always have to keep in mind, that in nature the ones with a strong survival instinct will try to find a way to get out, you already have a new net ready for them.

When these individuals who broke free of the first, basic control web start to search for answers, they will usually be alone. Because most of the other individums are still caught in the previous set webs. Since it often is unusual for a being to be completely alone, they will usually search for like-minded beings. This is when your new web / religion comes in handy.

Since they didn’t get fooled by the first one, you can now try to fool them with the more advanced one. In this example, we call it “science”. This individum searches and then finds some evidence supporting its own believe, that their previous community was weird or crazy or something. Then they will feel better, since they aren’t alone with this conclusion. So they will try to get in touch with the authors of this new information.

And because you already gave these people other information and also conflicting data, the individum will now realize that it doesn’t really understand this other teachings. So the teachers you sent out will teach them and then they will teach others. Since this being feels now more understood, got some help and therefor is more encouraged to spread the new word.

This obviously can’t go on forever because after some more time, some of the individums in the second layer will also come to the conclusion, that there must be more. And that you might be holding back something.

The easiest way to solve this problem is war, but you have to time it right, otherwise some individums could come behind the facade before you could get rid of them.

Since you already have at least two groups and also a lot of sub groups, which later developed out of free will and reinterpretation of your original data, you can start with the war. You tell the more primitive religious group, that the others are planning to get rid of them. And that should be enough for now. Since the primitive group is more radical and aggressive, than the smarter one, they should deal with them.

But always keep in mind, that the more you teach them, the more you change their way of thinking and the children could get more intelligent.

This is when it might come in handy to get more data about the DNA and general behaviour, patterns and biological components etc. of this lifeform. Since you know, that a being can live as long as it wants or there are things to explore, do or maybe consume, you have to get rid of this feature as soon as possible. The best way is to start from an early stage, so as soon as possible because you never know for sure how fast they will get behind your curtain. And since at the beginning they will be very friendly and worship you, you should actually do it already from the start on.

At best is always some kind of desease, which of course doesn’t harm yourself or in case it could, you would have an antidote as well. (Anditote is of course only necessary if you are humanoid and not a machine)

This desease should be slowly developing, so that it won’t be noticed. At best it should get stronger with each generation. So you should maybe find a specific gene sequence which could come in handy. You would then create either an expotential or at least linear development into this manifactured desease and then hand it over to your friends and their local community.

The best way to do so, is to tell them a story again, for example that you have some special food which will make them smarter. A device could also be possible. Depending on the being and how it reacts towards these things.

When you sucessfully made them absorb the manifactured desease, you can now take a deep breath (in case you aren’t a machine and have breathing organs) and give yourself some time to relax. At first the desease won’t kick in, since it would be obvious that you had something to do it, if this would happen. So it would be best to trigger it after a long period of time. If the lifeform doesn’t have a longterm memory, this could be a short period of time, otherwise you have to wait a little longer. But since you have all the time you want, you could maybe write a book or play some more war games in the mean time.

But don’t get too comfortable. Because after some time the beings could start to realize that you aren’t like them and that you might actually just want to use them. Which would be correct, but they don’t have to know about it. And also shouldn’t, otherwise your perfect plan would be over, before it really started.

So in the mean time you could maybe kidnap some of the children. Maybe let it seem as if some more primitive creatures killed them or ate them. If there aren’t any other lifeforms which could do that, you could also convince the locals that you are trying to find a cure for the desease, which might have already killed a few. Or just tell them a story about great adventures or something. If the mindset teachers did a good job, the communities will probably give you the exceptional children. Which then would also again solve the possible “freethinker” problem. So the communities could easily get rid of their problem childs, you would get easy “lab rats” (beings for cheap chemical and biological tests) and everyone wins. Except for these poor test subjects of course. But since you could convince everyone else, that it is for everyones best interest. No one will ask questions.

You could then develop clones or possible “no-brainers”. They would then either be completely without free will and be made out of the collected data or at least partially. Then you could program them like machines or maybe even replace some of the genetic code or even implant some devices. Whatever suits your plans at best. And maybe all of it, since you never know when a new discovery could come in handy.

Besides these biological copies / machines, which look similar to the real lifeforms / beings you are already partially controlling, you should also find ways to reprogram the still natural existing beings. For example the “freethinkers”. These are always the dangerous ones and will always find ways to question things and explore for themselves. Because this is the most natural thing to do and you know that from your own experience.

Luckily after some generations, the younger generations will already get more and more “educated” to not behave natural. But you should not forget, that there is no perfect way to eliminate “freethinkers” or in other words, the natural way of life. Keep that in mind. So what better method is there, to call the remaining individums “dangerous” or “incorrect”.

This should of course be done in all by this time developed believe systems. So for example the religious groups should see them as possessed by evil forces (or whatever you want to call it) and the more intellectual / smart groups should call them insane, crazy or potential dangerous. This works at best in a later stage, after the bigger war times. And don’t forget, that the wars should only destroy and eliminate enough beings, so that the remaining ones will be able to continue on their own and think that they accomplished something (e.g. peace).

Whatever you decided to use (clones, drones, reprogramming, …) or all together. After a lot of wars, the beings will probably develop very intellectual thinking behaviour (e.g. freethinkers). You then have to give them peace, but since you already could convice some of them, that some behaviour is “incorrect” or crazy etc. there shouldn’t be the need for war anymore. At least not in the classic way of destruction and killing.

And never forget to develop new stories, data and constantly adjust everything to the current state of their development. You don’t want them to get too intelligent.

After some time you might discover ways to reprogram the beings in an easier way, so you don’t have to use your special friends anymore. Since they also could become dangerous after some time. So after they are finished with their development in the secret labs, you can get rid of them and let the remaining work be done by younger generations. Since they already learned that the current state is “normal” (how things should be, at least what they should believe), they will not ask too many questions. For the remaining population you develop enough evidence (or whatever they might ask for), to proof that they are doing the right thing and only help. The slow death desease could come in handy here. Since at that point they will work autonom because you already taught them enough to work alone, you can just watch and enjoy the show for some time.

The last problem will be the population count and the with it related possibility for freethinkers. The more children, the higher the chance. And remember, nature / life will always try to find a way.

So when they will think that they are finally free and totally forgot about your existence, since the generations which still knew you personally, already died, you have to stop at some point. In case you have calculated everything appropriate, this should happen, when most of the planet is under control of the primary groups you helped to develop. Since then they would get rid of or reeducate the remaining population. Because there could always hide some indiviums or maybe there are hidden groups, you didn’t take care of in the beginning.

In this final stage, you now only have to combine all groups under one cause. So that they will all follow you again. Since after some time of peace or at least partial peace the beings will also come to the conclusion, that peace is better then war. You then can send some of your drones / programmed beings and help with peace negotiations, at least when the beings don’t do that on their own.

Usually they should do that on their own, but a little help can never be bad. And given that their original nature usually was more peaceful, they will probably get less critical. And if so, then follow the already developed systems you placed for them. So no matter what people would do, they would only work inside the box(es) you placed for them. And the rest would be taken care of, since they would get called evil, insane, etc.

The more explanations, the better and obviously solutions for them.

In the final stage, you then only have to unite them. Since they are fully depended on the groups you put in place, you just have to wait and look how the groups come together. After all groups united successfully, you can come in (or a possible proxy / programmed being speaking in your command). Then you can get the rest of the resources of the planet. As bonus (especially interesting for machines), you could get some of the beings and maybe try to transfer yourself into their mind and therefor replace them with yourself. Either for fun or to use the advantage of a biological / natural body. Because you then don’t need to harvest metal anymore. There is also the option for further slave usage and maybe some genetic experiments. In case you want to harvest more planets. And I am sure that is what you want.

In case there should be anything not clear, you can ask questions and I will go into more detail.

Thanks for reading and happy take over.

Audience: Why does all of this sound very familiar?

Some people: Wait a second, this is how our world works! *shocked*

Other People: No, it is obviously fictional and therefor nonsense. And who would do such a thing.

You: Why did you write such a thing. Now some people could get ideas…

Me: This already happened. I just tried to summarize the past.

People: *shocked*

And while I of course speculated here and there a little bit, this really is a plausible explanation. Sadly it is too real and makes too much sense all of a sudden. But the worst part is, that probably 4/5 of the population if not more, won’t even be able to understand this anymore. Or have no time to think about because of all the on going chaos, drama, laws etc.

So even if they would be able to understand it, they simply have no time.

Until it is too late, of course. Which then would make the plan perfect.

And even if no intruder conquered earth and humans would have done all of this by themselves, then there would still be crazy scientists, which try to make everything perfecter. Yes you heard right “perfecter”. Because life on earth was already perfect at some point in the past. But now that most of the evidence is gone (rainforest don’t burn themselves down), there is not much left to hold against them. I mean native americans were peaceful (for the most part), traded with each other and lived with nature. Then the Gods came (the europeans) and told them how things are done, killed the rest and reeducated the children, so they would follow them and not fight them.

This really happened and afterwards there were some european colonies like Mexico (former spain colony), USA (former british colony), Canada (former french / british colony) and so on. And after some generations the native americans were turned into europeans or in other words, americans, or in other words civilized machines.

And this goes not only for native americans but in general for the native people, like in Asia or Africa. And guess what the people at home got told about these native? Well, that they are all wild, dangerous and have to be educated. Yep… and the native americans even were put into camps and such things. There even had been forced marriages with white people (also in other countries), to get rid of the genes or whatever.

I mean that is history. And now all of a sudden the U.S. is the best country of the world. I mean obviously, after they got rid of everyone who was against them (or at least most of them). And people these days usually don’t know about it. But these so called freedom loving americans killed the native people to get their land. And later claimed it as their own and then told stories about freedom and all. To justify their actions.

And this still happens to this day, but in every (or at least every relevant) country around the world. Russia, China, EU-countries, India, etc.

Which of course doesn’t mean that everyone living there is evil, otherwise everyone would be. But more that most people are trapped in the systematic control and then there are people like me and maybe you, who ask questions, feel alone, are scared and misunderstood.

I mean people told me to get medication, to go to a psychiatrist, to go into a clinic and basically that I am crazy or things like that. And this is Germany 2020 my friends. So much for the freedom of thought.

I am lucky that I could get my free will back, before someone could force me to take pills or whatever. Because this is what happened to some other people I know. Just because they were thinking different.

There is a difference between mental health and mental control.

When you are constantly under pressure, get forced to do things which aren’t good for yourself and so on, then this is bad for your mental and over all health. For example to go to a hard labour job every day of the week. Because that is not natural and healthy at all. So to then give someone pills to suppress the natural reaction of the body / brain, is a crime in my eyes. But hey… no one listens to me anyways. Because everyone cares for mental health, but has no idea what that actually means. They just think that it is about always being happy or whatever. But it just means to be yourself. And well, there is the problem. Because what does happen in school? Can you guess it?

Exactly. In school your free will gets broken for the most part, so that after your teenager time you will not know anymore who you are or why you are. And teenage depression is also normal these days, just give the kid some pills or therapy sessions and that’s it.

I wonder how this would work with trees.

Tree and human meet in a forest.

Human: Hey, why are you not like the other trees?

Tree: I am an apple tree and not a spruce.

Human: I don’t care what you are, I just know that you are no use here for me like this. So you either turn into a spruce, or at least a fir, or I have to teach you a lesson.

Tree: But I am an apple tree. Look, you can even eat my fruits.

Human: I don’t need your weird fruits, I already got enough cans with food, thanks.

Tree: But my apples are fresh and natural.

Human: I also got fresh and natural food.

Human: shows some packages with “fresh & natural” written on them

Tree: But this is fake.

Human: You are fake, you are not a spruce. So get out of my way.

Human: takes out a chainsaw and cuts down a few branches

Tree: No please, I have children!

Human: Then I will take care of them as well.


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