Quality (video game) Music

Did you know that this game is from 1997?

Did you know that in this game you could conquer the whole world as roman? All continents. No? Well… now you know.

And did you know that you played a blue roman?

People: But Romans were usually red.

I recommend listening to the music while reading this, but it is your choice.

Well, romans let the culture more or less be, but forced the people to pay taxes for them. And you are right, I also remember them being red.

Roman soldiers
Riot police

Oh sorry, I swaped the labels by accident.

You (probably) right now:

Or as the American soldiers in ARMA II used to say, when someone from the same team accidentally shot them: “Blue on Blue, ceasefire.”

But I guess these days they must confuse “ceasefire” with “cheese, fire”.

Wait… that last one. I did it again. Somehow confused riot police with roman soldiers. My bad. But you must say, they look pretty similar, no?

And did you know that in the old “Emergency” game (frist part), of which I previously showed you some music and videos, the police was green?

At least in the german version. Since that game came out a few weeks after I was born (1998) and back then the german police (and maybe others?), were still green (or other colors). But in the next title they already were blue. And the real police also turned blue. If you now look around the world, you either see police similar looking to soldiers and or roman riot police… eh blue beards…

You know what I mean.

And one funny story to end the post.

In Emergency 1 there was one mission in which you had to stop some aggressive football fans to harm or kill eachother after the game. I first tried to solve it with a lot of these water tanks, police officers and all that, but then I also needed a lot of medics and some people died…

Long story short, I ended up sending one police car with one policeman. Then I placed him right in front of one of the exits. So no one could get out on that door and since they were separated by teams, I then waited until the first fans went home (to the train station) and then just sent the policeman home again and waited…

Easy does it. 😀

That’s how you successfully and efficiently calm down a situation.

But no, we need a lot of chaos. Since it costs more, is more dramatic and complicated. People these days…

And this was no joke by the way, that really worked, but probably wasn’t supposed to be the case, or was it?

looking towards the game designers

Oh and in the first part the green police had no guns, so they always had to try to catch the troublemakers by hand, while the troublemakers sometimes even threw molotov cocktails. In the next part (Emergency 2), the police already had pistols and you could even let them shoot like with an automatic rifle, while clicking several times in a row.

And at least in the 4th part there were already snipers the police could use.

Well done… well done. And all that in the time between my birth and when I went to elementary school. Romans these days. They really know how to pray, I mean play.

Next time you see some riot police marching towards you, you probably have to say: “Ave” (roman: hail).

Oh wait… this looks familiar:

So much for the nazi / roman / lost part.

Next time I see some police chariots cruising through, I will probably see an eagle on top of them.

About that…

By the way, since I didn’t stop here. This is how german police used to look like just 15 years ago or something and I think in Bavaria some police cars still look like this:

Green seemed to be such a friendlier color, since nature is also related to the color green, like trees. But these days people confuse trees with these things:

And police also got a more “friendlier” look:

I mean, it was even said in school that the color blue is calming.

I mean, I would agree when we would be talking about the sea and water, but I think they meant something else. And since trees are a myth and therefor green can’t be good, we just use red and blue. To be fair, at least green is used to signal “GO!” when you are waiting with your car.

About that…

But usually they are still green around here, for now…

(some of these even have no green signal anymore. Just red and yellow, since that is better for the environment, for real. But still…)

And do you know that it is said to be healthier for eyes to look on a white screen, while typing black letters? No? Well I got told so.

I personally switch to dark mode (when there is the option), since that is much better for my eyes and often has more colors. And did you know that it was said to be not healthy to have too many colors when it comes to computers? No? Well, now you know.

White, computers, no colors, healthy, eyes, future, technology, brain.

I don’t know guys, but even the preachers say that we should go into the white light. And I mean, they must know what they are talking about, since they read their computer generated bibles, eh I mean printed by computers and manipulated by robots…. eh human worker drones… I mean people.

All in the name of progress of course. Since we are all one anyways. Right?

Happy Halloween again, by the way. Since you are breathing. 😀

At least I hope so, otherwise I am talking to robots… *yikes*

And Spoiler Alert!

The aliens aka saviors aka world rulers were robots.

And they wanted to get human bodies for them to live in.

Did I say something?

Holy….. molly….

And if you now know that we communicate like fish and therefor creative writing is maybe writing down what someone else is thinking or experiencing. You know what time it is.

“It’s almost harvesting season!”

People: Wow, what a great horror story.

Me: *screams internally* It wasn’t meant to be a horror story…

Also me: *sighs and gives up* (for this post)