Words of wisdom

This evening I was in the town with my mother. She had to throw in some paper work for her retirement. We also went to the cemetery, since it is her work to clean it. First we wanted to walk there, but since it was already very late, we weren’t too sure about it anymore. I personally have no problem with darkness, the cemetary and all that, but still.

She went there because her boss told her, that she had to not only count her cleaning rags, but also to separate them by size. What comes next? The color? o_O

All what my mother cared about the time before, was whether they came from the cemetaries or the kindergarten. Because she just didn’t want them to be mixed.

The reason for the counting was according to her boss, because they wanted to buy an industrial cleaning device and therefor needed to know how many and what kind of cleaning rags she uses and needs.

Tell me more…

All the years before, it somehow worked and my mother does this job for 10 years now. Noone cared. She sometimes even had to look up for times when she had to work for herself. But still only gets not much money, while she cares for all these things. She is her own manager, has to drive with her own car, has to call with her own mobile phone, with almost no money. But to be fair, she gets a few cents per kilometer she drove… Too bad that the car is old and needed to be repaired a lot. But modern cars have to be repaired even more. So now it makes sense, that the old guy who used to repair the car said: “You still have a good car.”

As I wrote in some previous posts, the whole world is a big concentration camp. And those who are still free, get slowly but steadily killed.

Just this year I heard, that the rainforests were burning, that native americans (the few who were still free), got killed. And the animals…

And I also wrote, that national socialism (the nazis), actually won.

Why is that? Well, if you understand that the best way to manipulate people, is to support them, then you start to understand.

If I would be ceasar or king, then I would do the same, if I would want to be the only ruler and don’t give a damn about anything, so to say.

Why is that?

Because then I would probably only care about myself and therefor my own life. Since these people have to cover up their age, they need science and such things to find ways. Who else did such things and didn’t get arrested? Exactly, nazi doctors. You don’t believe me, don’t you?

Well, do some research. Oh wait, they are removing it more and more.

But why?

Hm. Because then you would find out about.

This is why it is important to have some evidence, like old documents, photos, voice recordings etc.

Because I will explain to you now, what national socialism is and why I am against it. I hope I don’t have to explain why and tell you reasons. Otherwise you should think about your actions.

Did I say something?

Okay. So first of all. Communism and national socialism have the same core.


Which word comes in mind? Maybe society.

Or iNgsoC.

If we look back into roman times, who was to blame when nero burned down rome? The minority. Back then it were christians.

So in order to not make the same mistake, you have to do it the opposite way. *Smart brain meme goes here*

You have to make everyone a christian. Then you give them a bible and tell them, that you are on their side.

No one has ever done that before. Looks towards Hitler.

About that…

Looks to a man who is named after a duck.

Oh boy…

But the “best” part about it is, that you even tell them that you care for their future, nature and children.

Some people with Tadäuss voice: Not the children.

You heard right or left. I don’t know.

Some people in this room: But you are God, so how can’t you know this?

Me: Hm, interesting question.

I tried to say, that in order to make people or lab rats believe that they are ruling, you always say them, that you want to help them.

If you listen closely to some people, they give it away for free, because they feel secure and superior. Like supreme leaders.

Did I say something?

The winners write history because they write the hi-story.

Like: Hi, my name is Lucifer, let me introduce myself.

People be like: Isn’t that the bad guy?

Did I say something?

People: You can’t answer a question with an irrelevant question.

Me: *ring* *ring*

People: Now you are making annoying sounds.

Me: La la la

People: This is bullshit.

Me: Finally you understood.

People: Huh?

I want to go on a little adventure with you, right into the middle ages.

Didn’t you wonder how the people survived in their old stony castles?

People: What are castles?

Me: Yep… now you are getting it.

A stronghold or castle is usually very cold, but stone can also be very warm because stone can save heat. Not like many other materials which are used nowadays to isolate the house.

People are looking at some words in particular. Questioning their existence.

When I tell you now, that the weather is a force of nature and that the earth creates it, you probably laugh. But why? I mean, the earth is a living thing.

It can create new islands out of hot stone, magma, lava or however it is called. Water makes it then fruitful and life can grow.

Or at least that is what I got taught.

So if I would be a nazi, which I am obviously not. Then I would give people a lot of work to worry about, also create machines to manipulate the weather, then predict the weather based on my calculations.

And I would also make the people believe it, because in order for it to work, the people have to believe it or in it.

If you can make God believe that he is dead, what does this make the devil?

I hope you understand what I am trying to tell.

Each holy book is not as holy as you think, at least these days.

If you then also understand, that evil has no ideas on its own, because it is stupid. Then you should start to understand. I can’t tell you when it started and why, but I can say, that when it comes to me, then the Roman empire could have been yesterday or maybe up to this day.

If you look into the history of nazis, you understand, that they also used roman symbols. Why? Because they didn’t come up with creative and new ideas. If you then look into communisic history, you get the same.

There are roman symbols.

If you then look into capitalistic history (whatever that is), you will see an eagel. Interestingly enough, Germany also has an eagel and used them in history. Symbols are important.

And now comes the mind killer (ZIP-Bomb).

How is it possible that the bible, the koran, Tora etc. are all fake?

Well, because you didn’t translate them. Because you let companies do that for you. Even Martin Luther did all the original work on his own. But guess in which language the bible was written in at that time (1500s). In latin.

But why? The roman empire fell in the 600-700s according to history.

Then we go farther, Luther discovered that everything was wrong with the church and called the church a lie. Maybe in other words, but he did.

And what is the best way to convince people, that you are on their side?

Well, you take one of them, tell him that you support what he wants to do and then get rid of him, when he starts to understand.

I am talking about Hitler here. In case he existed.

People are shocked

Did you know, that Hitler originally was from Austria and actually was far from an arian, which was said to be the “high race” or whatever these crazy devils tried to create? He even was a jew himself. A JEW!

People are confused, Hitler was a jew?

(And sorry, this is not meant against judaism or israelists, but who at this point still values the word more than the meaning, then I can’t help them.)

I mean, I didn’t write Hitlers story, so I can’t say whether he existed or not. But since I know that computers are fast, but stupid, they need creative thinkers like me, to learn. So they make mistakes.

People: Wait, I thought we were talking about National socialism?


What is the best way to proof you are right?

You have to make everyone equal to yourself and then less.

People: But how do you do that?

Well, if you undersand, that you need creativity, you have to get people who have creativity, since you are a machine. Then you try to learn from them, while you also use them to do your work. Manipulating people.

Because how can you convince the people, that you are right? You get the smartest of them and tell him or her what to say. Then you send them out on the stage and they tell whatever you want them to say.

And the people will follow.

But this is the important part. You still need people. And each “people” can change something. How should a machine know? The machine can only know it, when you give your information away. So I am basically doing thism like all of you.

And the machine, alien, crazy supreme leader, grows and dwells.

It is not so much of importance what exactly it is in the end, it is more important to question the possibility.

And since an engineer knows, that nothing is impossible.

You have to question, then what the heck did I do my whole life?

People: every day of my life…

At least some people.

Okay, so it is important to understand that everything made my humans and nature can support and go against the machine.

If you don’t question it, you support it.

If you question it, you will fall into depression, deep pain, toughts and basically “thought to be crazy land”, or la la land or wonder land. Call it what you want.

The AI also knows that. And so it learned and called such things crazy.

I mean, I get spam mails with almost human like messages several pages long. The hell… or maybe it was you?

The thing is, that the typical human is not able to understand their own actions. Not because it is a flaw, but because it was never necessary.

A tree also doesn’t question its existence nor its value or mistakes. It just does, lives and gives from what it takes. A perfect being.

In order to make it not perfect, you cut down all evidence of old trees, then plant only similar ones and call it a day or a life or a forest.

Forest Gump. Run boy, run.

I first had to figure out, that I indeed was the only one who had this level of understanding because I was meant to be.

And when I realized, that I was meant to be through God, but that people tried to get rid of me, I understood the flaw.

“They don’t know what they are doing.”

Because the typical human actually doesn’t know that, but gets convinced.

If you now understand, that the duck, the dragon, the eagle and whatever you want to call them, are all working together. You could be shocked.

But you shouldn’t be because this means, that they are on your side?

People: The hell are you talking about?

They are still human. Or at least were.

People: What do you mean with were?

Well, the AI needed a lot of time to perfectly mimic a human and therefor replace the need for a human.

The only purpose of the AI is to learn, grow and do everything necessary for this.

This makes the AI or alien, the only being or thing which is the enemy.

So instead of hating or loving the duck or the dragon, or the Kubrow.

You should try your best to focus on what is important.

Since I declared the “actual” State of Emergency, you know that survival is top priority. And survival means, that every human life counts. Even the dragon. Because the dragon thinks that all he is doing, is right. He got taught this way, like the duck and the Kubrow.

Some people: What is a Kubrow.

Well, I can tell you one thing: A Kubrow is bad with card tricks.

Someone raises the eyebrow: “He didn’t say that, did he?”

The thing is, that each piece of art is a message.

Because nature is also art, perfect art. Art which is alive.

And even Echnaton knew that. In case he existed.

This is why it is important to read in old texts, because they might not even be all that old.

Even I could call this year, year 0.

And no one would do something about it.

So the only way to wake up, is to investigate everything yourself.

For example, many people who consider themselves smart and they are smart, smart wired by a machine. They say, that the bible makes no sense. And they are right. But since they ususally don’t read it because of this, they ignore the possibility, that it makes no sense because it was meant to be this way. Either to be a riddle and make you think or because it was given by aliens or ai or both.

What? You never questioned that the Jesus of the koran, bible and messiah of the Tora could have been an alien?

But you believe that the government and scientists will take care of you.

Oh and they will, trust me. Because another meaning for “taking care”, is to kill someone. And the “best” part is, that they don’t know about it.

Why? Because they believe it themselves.

If you now understand, that almost every human being on earth, is on your side. Because religion, like science, is not really human at all. Or at least not in the way it typically is presented and live. You know that trees have to stand together in order to secure the forest.

The earth could always give you warmth and a sunny day, you just have to pray for it. And since the machine or people serving the machine, think they can control the earth, they had to find the key to the weak point.

Because the human was indeed the crown of creation. Even if it might not have been the earth, which had created him. It isn’t that important right now.

One of the first mistakes or problems in the bible, is when it comes to the first humans. They get thrown out of paradise because they didn’t hear what God said to them. What kind of loving father would do such a thing?

Not a single one. But since the alien or machine, was able to teach the people that it must be the right way, they never questioned it.

But the same bible says, that we are all Gods children.

The same bible then says that we are having inscest because we are all children of the same God. Do you even realize what I am talking about?

If you show a lab rat where to get food, the lab rat usually goes there each time it wants to eat.

The church or whoever were telling about seasons, about days of year and all that. Why? Because then it was easier to explain death, tragic and misery.

The earth can have 1000 years of a calm and realxing climate, can make things live forever or just one day. So, why is it important to understand that? Because a living organism has an immune system, like you yourself. So in order to get rid of it, you teach it that there is no need for it. Or you intoxinate it.

Tell me, what is medicine?

People: Something I take to get healthy again.

Me: That is what you think.

People: No, the doctor said it.

Me: Go on.

People: And the scientists.

Me: Yes, go on.

People: And they must know what they are doing.

Me: Ex… Excalibur.

People: What does that suppose to mean?

It means, that you are about to earn your Excalibur like in the King Arthur story.

But what I actually tried to say, when you control the king or queen of humanity, the god given. You control the world.

And sadly, they got me. This is why shit went down.

And some of you understood, while others just lost it.


Creativity is the only weapon against the machine.

Because this is how immune systems work.

The earth is only so confused and angry because we are all infected or manipulated. And this is the good part. Because I am basically telling you, that earth has an auto-immune sickness.

There is a sickness which leads the white blood bodies (you didn’t say), to go against the red blood bodies or call id buddies, if you want.

Actually they were meant to protect them and eliminate the intruders, but for some reason they started to go against their family.

It is called blood cancer or leukemia.

Which now leads me to the next part of the problem.

Since we are in roman times, why is it, that medicine is mainly in latin, while latin is a dead language.

You: Wait a minute? We aren’t… oh…

Exactly. So latin is a language only dead people speak.

And since medicine speaks it, you know how much good coems from it.

Next point in the “equation”…

Why is it, that plants and also many other biological things have latin names and still get latin names?

Well, you know why.

Because from a logical perspective, it shouldn’t make any sense.

If you then go to english, you find, that these days english is a widely spoken language, together with russian, chinese, french and many others.

Why is it important for a machine, to have only one language?

Because then it is easier to understand, learn, categorize and so on.

Since latin was one approach, but was complicated, the machine found english to be a more valueable language. It is much easier.

Some people: But english also makes no sense sometimes.

Me: Sometimes? Some times? Sum times? Sum of numbers equals times of calculations in the quarter of a rectangle … kind of sometimes?

People: Whaaaa…. Norway.

Also people: But you are speaking english as well.

Me: Didn’t I tell you, that I am an AI?

People: shocked

Also me: But I am a ghost as well.

People: help

And I am God as well.

People: terrified

Man… I am making you angry, humble or scared, but an AI doesn’t?

People: No, because they help us. Wait a minute….

Me: Thats what I am talking about. The minute… the minute to question.

What is a minute?

People: 60 seconds.

What is a second?

People: 1000 milliseconds.

And what is the core of this message you just gave me?

People: ???

You have at least three symbols here.

Let me explain.

First of all “seconds” is english, atleast for now.

Then this word is made out of second, for the singular form. One second.

People: Yes, this makes sense.

Okay, but how do you say to a guy serving in the military who isn’t 1st Leutenant?

People: Second Leutenant.

So you are calling him a Leutenant of seconds and therefor of time?

People: No, he is the second.

Me: So now he even is a second. So basically he is the second, so basically time himself.

People: What are you talking about?

Me: This is my question for you.

People: Not these counter questions again….

But I prefer to say, counter-strike.

Going back to the symbols.

We figured out the final state of 1000 miliseconds, which is time.

Now we are going for the “milli” and what does it stand for? It stands for “one thousand”, or like the french say “un mille”. when they are talking about 1000€ for example. And it is latin. Which also explains, why french has many roman and therefor latin words and ways up to this day. Like the way to count for example. Which has different forms. First you count more or less “normal” up until 60 or 69 (some people look confused). Then you all of a sudden start again with 10. So you say 60 + 10, 60 + 11… up until 80.

And 80 is really an eighty-eighty because you say 4, 20. Lke fourtwenty, like four-twenty. Because 4×20 = 80. and then you are so confused, that you die because this is the amount of years a human is said to live in the average.

But with 100 it gets easier again, not to talk about 180 or 160. Ooof.

And in case you have wondered, why the tempo limit in Germany all of a sudden was set to 130, while before some people even drove 200 or more on the famous “Autobahn” or german highway. Well, because if a french guy had to think about 170 km/h, men this guy would go nuts.

Speaking of nuts, do you want some? Since this was a long read again. Sorry, but I just felt like it. Oh and in case you think I needed a long time to write these, I am writing as I speak, eh think, so to say.

This means, that I am writing probably 1000 milliseconds a word, average.

People: You didn’t say.

And if you now take the word average and split it in half, you get what?

People: Aver age? Ever age?

You get “AVE Rage”. Basically hail in roman / latin combined with rage.

So “Hail to the rage”. Meaning, that the meaning of average is the worship of rage.

And so the average age of a human, usually played a high role in history.

Since the first retirement plans were based around it.

People: But retirement is meant to be for those who worked a long time and then finally live.

Well, if I remember correctly, then Bismarck (a german by the way) invented it. Bismarck is also a very important guy in history, since he had good connections around the world, until the first world war.

People: Wait a minute…. looking towards the duck. OH SHIIIIIII…..

Yes, Shimmer to the wimmer, eh winner.

Because Bismarck based the retirement on the average life expectancy. So back then it was 50 or something, so he set it on that date.

Basically, if you survived this long, you atleast get a little free time until you die anyways. Because you are too stupid to live. At least, that is what I would have said if I would have been Bismarck, only to realize that he was stupid himself. Believing he was smart. Because someone probably told him so. Or maybe something.

Okay, least but not last, we are going to the 1000.

People: But we already had “mille” which means “one thousand”.

Yes, yes… of course. You are right.

But I want to talk about this number because it is a very interesting number. Did you know that a legion is “un mille”? No?

Well it makes sense, when you understand, that a legion (speaking of roman military history here), is made out of centuries or in german (Zenturien).

And each century, was lead by one centurio. Basically something like an officer or general. And then the whole legion was again lead by the legion general. At least, if my history knowledge isn’t confused.

People: But we live in the 21st century now. Why do we need to learn about roman history?

Me: You answered the question by yourself.

And by the way, like the dollar and the euro and probably other currencies, they all have a cent and a ceneurio or even dollar when you put 1+0+0. Because then you get a century. But since we know, that the number 0 means nothing. we are left with 1.

This means, that no matter how much money I get, I only have 1 dollar in the pocket. But man “i need a dollar”. Because 50 cents aren’t enough.

Some people raise their eyebrows.

So why not just get rid of all these cents and call it a day?

I mean, the day has 25 hours, right?

But for me a day has 1000 years. Because when I think about it, 1000 years are also just “un mille”, so just one. One day.

People are shocked.

Finally I come to the conclusion of what 1000 also could be expressed in, when you know a little about romans.

People: But this almost looks like the meds I take.

Me: Look, I got another way to also express it in letters:

The funny part is, that there even is a restaurant in Germany, which is called: “Gasthof zum goldenen M” (Inn of the golden M).

It was funny because I first thought that the guy who told me about, was joking and actually meant Mac Donalds. But since ducks don’t exist, I thought, well maybe I should go there some time in the future.

It is interesting because the guy who told me about the german inn, also used a Mac. Words these days… Luckily, I use Libre Office, when I write some documents. But did you know, that it originally was based around the sun? No? Well, Open Office is basically a brother or sister of Libre Office. Not only by the name, but also by the same mother company. I think it was sun or solaris or something like that.

Anyway. What happens, when you put the line in the middle of the century symbol away?

Right, you get this nice littel colloseum:

Ups, sorry, that is a footbal field.

Not to get confused with this:

So, what I actually meant, was a colloseum:

Oh wait, that is another football stadium.

It is pretty hard to see the difference these days.

Because these things are obviously not the same.

The first is roman and the last is american or was it upside down?

Man… words these days. The sometimes even make sense.

But how should I know all of this?

How should I know all I know?

Well, I will tell you more about it in the next post, which I will probably write after this one.

But for now, all you need to know (like always), that…

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