Windows (to another world)

I once discovered a very good example of:

More is always better. So more and more we need.

Because an uncle of mine had a problem with his notebook / computer.

He got Windows 10 on it and well, he couldn’t activate the numpad.

There was just a beep sound, when he tried to activate it, but nothing happened.

Turned out, that there was the following simple problem:


No, but the actual case was, that I had to change something in the registry of the operating system. (Basically something like a backbone to store data and such things, in a universal way).

But my uncle said, that he already tried that.

So I discovered, that it indeed was right and I first had to go into the BIOS, the Base Input Output System to deactivated fast boot.

Or something like that, at least something related with fast booting.

After that, it still didn’t work.

Then I went into the Windows 10 settings for the numpad.

I discovered, that the beep sound was activated, since somehow there was the setting active for people who can’t see or something. So that they can hear instead of see. I deactivated that and saw that there was also an option to set the numpad active on startup. I checked that and guess what? It didn’t work.

Even the beep was still there.

Then I found Windows 7 settings (tools which were already available in Win7 (or maybe prior) and are still part in Windows 10). They also were about the numpad and these things. So I had to discover that there were at least three different features, controlling the same thing and degating themselves… Leaving the actual feature in a deadlock kind of situation, only giving a hopeless beep tone, probably suggesting: “Please, kill me.”

After I set all the three or four or whatever settings on the same values, and rebooted several times, it finally worked. But after that the mouse cursor changed the color. But since that wasn’t that much of a problem for my uncle, I just called it a day.

So in case you are wondering about why updates break systems, why new features suck and why it is necessary to create three or more things doing the same thing? Well, you are not alone.

But man… people need more of these features.

Some people in the audience: Wait, that looks like slenderman?

Other people: That’s racist.


(Actually a young female teacher showed us this series in english class.)

Also me (the creep):

Except for the point that I am the good guy….


Lucky are those who do not see what I see and have seen.

Lucky are those who do not see the invisible world(s).

Because I made them not see them.

(Sadly said a machine or man because he/it/they wanted to eliminate creativity.)

But luckily we can all say the following almost fluently now:

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