Why is time Doom?

When you understand, that the earth has no concept of time and therefor can place bits of information at any given time. You might understand, that it indeed should and could make sense, that information from 600 years ago and a recent song are actually fitting together. Building a part of the solution.

Since only machines need time, numbers and such things, the earth’s immune system already placed a lot of information.

And while you think, that a lot of time passed and many people were dying, you are right and wrong. Because when a body gets infected, there also are many cells getting infected and therefor die and or infect others.

When you then understand, that we are part of this immune system, mentioned several times before. Then it makes sense, that it could seem that “everyone else” is out to get you. Because this is how infected cells operate. But they of course think that they are doing the right thing. So it is no point in trying to tell them, that they are wrong.

It is like telling an apple to turn into a computer.

Some people: Wait a minute…

But you should have understood the message.

Therefor the concept of time is indeed irrelevant.

Because it is part of the problem.

Since the virus / machine understood that it makes sense to let most of the cells work for enough time to help in the destruction, while declaring the rest of crazy. You understand, that basically most of our so called “normal” things, are actually crazy and that things are most of the time the other way around.

Even Einstein understood, that everything is kind of relative.

But no one listens to the women…

Why? Because obviously they have no idea what they are (or aren’t) talking about…..

Since I already said many times, that the gender is irrelevant, for the most part, everyone is part of the problem and the solution.

The most horrible part is, that most of the people think, that they are doing the right thing. And they believe it and therefor aren’t lying. Since they have no idea that they are infected or manipulated.

I mean, we even know that it is possible that some parasytes can control bees, cats or other animals and then turn them into some kind of zombies, doing whatever.

This means, that the chaos has system or at least in some way is systematic.

It doesn’t mean, that you should now start killing or hurting everyone who is infected because otherwise you would cut into your own flesh.

And sadly even I did that last year, literally.

Because currently we are doing this to mother earth.

The worst part is, that in theory, even the nightsky could already be an illusion, which then would explain why we feel cold, eventhough the sun is shining. But I hope that this is not the case, otherwise we would probably be in the matrix for real. Possible, but for now, I don’t want to go there.

Eventhough it could be true.

So even if we would actually be in the Matrix, we could still find a way out because computers are just fast, but dumb. This means, that they have no sense for love, for actual creativity and these things.

They can make us do the work for them and then pretending to give us creative solutions, which some AIs already do.

But why does it work? It works because most people can’t think anymore. They only think that they think, while they get information from something else. For example, I recently heard, that the universe is experiencing us.

And then I thought: Wait a minute, that would mean, that I am not alive and just a puppet / doll. Why would a scientist say such a thing?


How is it in video games? In video games there are often a lot of NPC’s, Non Player Characters. They are controlled by the computer and assist or fight against you, for example. Often they are pretty dumb, compared to human actions.

When I now recently played some games, I discovered that people were pretty serious about playing games. They were reacting like bots.

And when I then sometimes did something different, like just randomly jumping around or whatever, a few people joined me, but most people kept on going doing the same thing over and over again.

Now you might think, but the point of the game is to kill each other (when it is a war game). And then you would be right, when you would think like a machine.

But I sometimes just enjoyed discovering glitches (e.g. walking through walls) or bugs (errors) with some friends in the past, like 6+ years ago.

For example in Mount&Blade Warband (Medieval game with single and multiplayer) in the single player you try to conquer the map with your troops as their king and in the multiplayer you fight against other people and or bots. Sometimes also human vs machine. It is very common concept in most video games based around fighting.

When I was still in secondary school and found some online friends, we sometimes just walked around on the multiplayer maps to find some of this unexpected things. For example “open” walls. On some maps the creators either forgot to place an alpha wall (invisible wall) or the game objects, like houses and walls simply had none themselves. So for the normal player, who expects a game wall to work like an actual wall, they didn’t try to walk into it. Because what is the point, right?

Well we did and sometimes it worked. So we were hiding in the houses, which obviously were empty from inside and you could look outside, but not inside. Because it wasn’t supposed to be entered and therefor had not textures from the inside. Meaning from the inside, the house and walls were invisible and you could just watch everyone walking passed it. And in the right moment you jump outside and hit them with a surprise attack.

And then there were the roofs. on some maps it was possible to walk on the very top of the triangular roof top, the thin line. And then walk on it towards the next higher roof of a tower for example. Then we jumped and usually (in real life) you would hit your head on the upper roof. Not with these, because with them you sometimes actually “flew” upwards and all of a sudden were on the tower roof. And then some people were obviously confused.

The best part was with the horses (similar things of course work in other games too, at least older games), when you are riding on a horse and then all of a sudden you see a mountain. What is the first thing you think?

Probably: How am I supposed to go up there?

And most importantly, how with a horse?

Well, in this game you just turned around the horse and then walk backwards towards the mountain / hill. And wooooooop all of a sudden you were moving up that hill pretty fast and in no time you were on top of it.

Then some people without a horse tried the same and sometimes it worked, but with the horse it was easier.

In real life, this would be quite the opposite and also a hard thing to do, if not impossible for some. I personally wouldn’t climb up a 90°C wall, without a good reason. But some people these days…

boom – mood


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