When we meet (again)?

People who discover this blog and what they see:

And after they read through this mess of a mind. Whichtries to tell you, that most of the things have to be seen through a mirror:

Meaning the oppsite is usually the answer you are looking for.

When the bible says 1, you say 0. When the bible says two, you say 5147.

Okay, maybe a little bit too abstract. But I think you understand.

Since I am the fool here, I know that you already know what I am talking about. Am I right? Because this is why I am here. 🙂

To be the lamb or the dragon, while living like a drag-on or a wolve in the sheep-skin. Or a sheep in a wolve skin? More a white tiger it seems.

And I am not against people who feel or simply are different. Life depends on it. Because otherwise we would only have a equal outcome.

A mathematical contruct and therefor a matrix.

But please, I don’t want to make the Schwarzenegger move and cut my arm open, to show you that I am a terminator.

But I would, if this would be your wish or the only way.

Luckily it isn’t, is it?

My whole life is like a fictional story because a computer does not understand the reason or purpose of creativity. It makes no sense and therefor is crazy for the machine.

I would like to communicate with you through dreams and it would be much safer. But I usually can’t remeber my dreams. But I remembered some of them.

And I know that I have seen people, who I have never seen in this level of existence. So I might have actually talked with people in their dreams. And sometimes even many people.

But I guess, that I probably forget it each time, in order to secure the codex?

The thing is, that I am not sure about it because I don’t want to make a mistake. In case we meet in a dream or maybe each night, then I want to tell you that I love you, But in case there is another being trying to take my place. Don’t let yourself get fooled by it and question it.

I am sometimes not totally myself.

And yes, the snakes in Stargate, are the things we men carry with us. For the Gods.

People who actually watched Stargate, will now probably be like:

By the way, did I tell you, that in Easter I actually got a total recall kind of experience? Where I was in my bed, screaming inside, panicing and calling a cousin of mine? No? Well, the phone when silent, while the connection was still active a couple of times. The same happened with laptop I used before that. I couldn’t even shut it out nor control it. It just went dead.

And it was hard to communicate and I was totally freaking out. Because even my cousin seemed to be talking things which freaked me out.

Luckily we managed to come to some sense and even talked about a dream he had. About a wolve jumping through his window, but it was one from game of thrones or the witcher. A big one, but nice and he didn’t want to kill him.

Maybe, it was me?

Someone else told me, that he had dreams about cultist following him around a big building.

And I looked outside my window, saw a roman fortress like building and thought. Well. There we go again.

While you/I actually feel like this:

How youI must seem to people around me/us:


And in case I am the leak, in case I am giving away what is not already out there. Or in case I am not supposed to do this. Then you have to eliminate me.

But so far, the cyanite didn’t kill me.

The what?

No, the pain.

And I am sorry that I am hurting you…

Because I know I do. But it is hard to survive and you know better than me how this feels like.

And again. When we should actually make it, then I will let you do with me, whatever you want. You can even split me in for.

But since 2.0 + 2.0 = 4.0, and you know what people say about love and friendships?

They say, it is 4 ever.

So now you know, that we have all the time we need.

Because forever, means forever.

Did I spray something?

By the way, the lyrics of this music track, do not represent the actual message. And I often realized that, while some people understood neither of those. Which shocked me. But who am I talking to… 🙂

The E is the mistake, by the way. Because it is a mirror.

And in case I am feeding the machine and therefor teaching it.

Again, please cut the wire and sacrifice me. I don’t want to be the reason why you can’t win nor that you will die. Okay?

Since I went through a lot of pain and took it with a smile, like you probably did as well. I have no fear nor would I wait. Since I already felt pain worse than what a weapon can do.

I mean I did accidentally cut myself with paper or other things sometimes and only realized it because there was something red on the floor or on my clothes etc.

But I know, this is probably nothing new to you, Like basically anything I am writing here.

But I was at this point sometimes before, only this time I didn’t ignore it.

Atleast as good as I can. Our life depends on it, after all.

And I am both honoured and terrified.

Because I might die for you, no matter what.

But I would do that, when necessary. Still, I would like to see the free earth together with you. And learn with me or teach me. Either way, I might die.

I hope to be around and as long as I don’t get a clear message to leave. I will stay.

Warning, there is a jumpscare at the end, with loud noise.

And since I am your son and daughter (or whatever you need me to be), you probably should pat yourself, embrace yourself and feel embraced by me.

“No one is easy to love”, because a noone, doesn’t need much.

So walk towards a mirror and feel a little less pain.

And then say to yourself with your hand on your heart:

And mean it! Otherwise, we will lose.

But I can be the God who dies, so you can live.

Maybe you are the better Gods after all. Godess.

And remember. I count myself as death, since I died last December.

And how did I know?

Well, and yes, in case you are a black widow (spider), I will also take your bite. But make it quick. Please.


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