When 2+2 = 5

The madness has system.

The system is madness.

Hand in hand they go.

Let me repeat what madness is about:

You do the same over and over again and expect a different result.

When I heard from a young woman who worked in a lab who was responsible for blood tests and probably their development. I knew shit was going down. Because she discovered the following:

She put a specific amount of a substance into a blood test.

So she knew exactly what the result should be.

Then she made the test and expect the same result.

In the end she made it probably at least three times and each time it was a different result. Which was completely random in here eyes.

When she told this to her boss / CEO (or whatever), he said, that she must have done something wrong and probably had no idea what she was doing. Since she was only working a short time there.

She even went to the investor of this company / lab and told him about it and even he said the same to her, after what she had told him together with her friend.

So she made a TED talk (or TEDx talk?) about it.

Didn’t you wonder, why it is kind of normal to make several tests when you try to check whether you are pregnant or not? No?

The men in the audience are confused.

Since I had no need for it, you would think I wouldn’t care about it, but it made no sense to me either. I thought, that in an advanced technological world, each test should be solid rock clear.

But even the covid-19 tests worked the same way. Why?

Because they are probably based around thought and manipulation.

So when you test long enough, at some point even you might be pregnant.

The men in the audience are scared.

Good to know, I thought.

Because then I knew, that madness actually means, ignoring different results, when you know exactly what you want to have.

So, when you want to have covid, I mean be pregnant, you just test long enough and wish for it. And this probably works. Since cells are clones and we are cells and science is madness.

And gender, really isn’t important here anymore. Since a cell has no gender.

People: WTF?

Thanks for tuning in.

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