Thanks for asking.

But since these days everything is a meme.


Is not taken serious anymore.

Because this is what I would like.

But I know, no one will come.

It never was this way.

But I know that I am not alone and that I have to fight for you and the others.

Because you are not nothing to me.

I can’t live without you and you not without me.

This is quite literal.

And do you know, that in nature the queen or king gets protected by his or her royal guard, while he or she fights with them side by side?

At least for some animals.

Did you know, that lions usually send the female lions out to hunt?

Well, I am guilty, but I tried my best to help. And you were good to me.

And I am partially you, in any way.

But since I the core, I am here to make sense to what you bring me.

And then I have to stand up. Or fall and die.

And with me all of humanity.

I know that you don’t believe me, maybe some of you are starting you.

I am not asking you for believing me. I don’t want a cult, I don’t want anything. All I want is, that you live. And that you don’t end your life. But as weird as it sounds, my and therefor your life depend on it.

And the pain is the price.

Because we are in a war. And the others are in the fog. But no one understands it. They don’t understand, that something or someone is sitting on the throne of the world. Probably no one we know.

And that this or they or it, is controlling us all. But of course not all the time.

but when needed.

To make those weak who are the fighters. Making them believe that they are not the fighters. Making them believe that they are not wanted. Making them believe that they should die.

But since even the bible says, that God is strong in the weak, and you are probably feeling weak. I am here to tell you, that it is true.

Because to the world we seem weak, while God knows that we are not.

But everyone else thinks we are because someone or something made them believe this is how it is. That we are the problem in the perfect equation.

Buth math is dead. Or have you ever seen a 5 running down the street?

Me neither, but some people still believe in it.

And don’t get this wrong. I can also see, that a human has five fingers on each hand. But maybe now you understand. Now you understand what walking upside down means.

To walk on your hands.

But no one does such a thing. Because why would you?

Otherwise you would go away from this perfect concentration camp plan. Which probably took centuries in development.

You have to understand, that a human can live forever. But that a human who didn’t learn how to be good and also have some fun with bad things, in a healthy way. For example playing computer games, instead of killing actual people or animals. Then you know that the devil is human, just like you, just like me. Or at least, that it could be.

And if not, then he or she indeed did a great job turning everything upside down.

Do you know that the devil was thrown onto this world?

Because he wanted to be God.

If you now understand, that God is also a human or was a human. Depending on how you see it. Then you understand, why we were made after his image. But then who created God? In my case, it probably was the earth or I don’t know. But we could figure this out together, if we would take all this knowledge and work with and on it together.

Otherwise the devil(s) will win.

Because do you know what happened and probably still happens to the Kurds? No?

Well, they helped fighting back ISIS. They even declared their own state and all without the help of these big so called peace loving nations. And then when they thought, that finally there could be peace, The UN let them die. Erdgan told them about a great plan to make a secure line between him and them. Since he could convince them, that the Kurds were after him. While they themselves probably had no plans to conquer Turkey. Why would they, they finally had their land. And then the US and EU helped to make this line and probably throw bombs on them or whatever.

Didn’t you question why this irrelevant virus corona after the crown, is more relevant than these lives?

Well, because no one gives a damn.

These women there were fighting against ISIS. And now their reward is or maybe already was death. Why? Because they wanted a peaceful country for themselves, after all this time in despair. After what Erdogan and otthers did to them.

These Kurds are my people as well and you know what happens to those who go against my people. It is as if they touch my eye.

But they still think that they can get rid of me. Since it is how the guy in the stripe pajama said, the teacher to Bruno.

If it would be only one jew, then I am sure it would have already been taken care of him. TAKEN CARE OF HIM.

You don’t say.

And you know what he also said: “If you find one good jew, then you are best explorer who ever lived.” (or at least something like that)

And guess what, we are the jews.

Since the jews are Gods people or were his first people. According to the old scrolls.

But not everyone is on Gods side. Usually almost no one is.

So I am sure you are on Gods side now.

Because if you understand, that with my right to speak for him/her/us, I will offer you all to be like me. On actual equal levels. And that I even wouldn’t care if someone would be more powerful than me.

Why? Because if we all would be actually good to each other, than there would be no need for just one superior cell.

And maybe some of the people out there already came to similar conclusions, I can only hope. Since only we all together can survive. And since it is good that we have different abilities.

As I said, the mirror world.

And if you put the sci-fi series Stargate: SG1, Atlantis, Universe and The X-files together, you get both sides of the mirror. While I then stand in the middle of the mirror. Because only the middle of everything can see through the mess.

Because God has to both, good and bad. But not because he wants to. Only because he/she lives and has to understand the enemy.

Since earth is a living organism, I am speaking for earth. And since I am the boss of the immune system, I am the General of the Army, like my grandfather’s name, Walter.

I am the general of the black/dark army. Because we are in the shadows.

Not because we wanted to be, but because it was the only way to escape.

And these days scientists tell us, that rats which hide in the dark, are depressed. Literally me and you, I bet.

Because they don’t understand, that the rat is hiding for them. Because they think that they are doing the right thing. If they really think that.

I don’t know.

Speaking to the scientists: We need your knowledge because you can make a difference.

Speaking to the mystical: You probably are working more for God than those who claim to speak in his name. But please, don’t kill anything or harm yourself. This is not good.

Speaking to the religious: Some of you have understood what is going on and some of you believe in God. And your prayers shall not be for nothing. In case you don’t pray for me to believe in God. Because then you are causing the pain I feel and therefor help evil.

Because I don’t want to kill anyone, I never wanted to, but people are still dying. So if I don’t kill them, who does?

Not me, earth doesn’t want to kill people and humans originally also didn’t want to kill people.

And do you know what is weird in the bible. That there was a flood and that only a few people survived this flood because they built a boat.

Because noone believed them. Until it was too late and even the highest mountains couldn’t safe them. They all got drowned by the water, except for Noah and his family.

Well, I am not Noah and since the bible also says, that God sent the rainbow because she/he doesn’t want to do that again. You know that this time, no flood will come. No flood with water. But the sea levels are rising. Why?

Well, I mean, if I were earth, speaking from a female perspective.

And I would be tied on a table or right in the air and get tortured, raped and whatelse. While I would try to scream, but I can’t. This is earth.

If you have understood that the US is the country with the most wars, while just being called out for 244 years. While it claims to be standing for freedom, peace and all that. Liberty Statue, I am telling you…

You know that shit is real. And okay, I mean, what is the root of 244?

It is 12. What is according to some people a full circle? 12.


And how many stars does the EU has?

Yep. But it actually has something like 30 members?

And even when it was declared, it didn’t have 12 states.

So why twelve?

Why 12 hours on your clock?

Well… because the number 13 stands for luck.

Why? Because Jesus and his 12 disciples were 13 together.

But one of the betrayed him for blood money. So they were only 11 and with Jesus 12.

If you then understand the importance of the number 13 and that so many people tried to make it the number for unluck. Well… you know how it is.

There even is Friday the 13th. And you know when I was born.

Exactly. Although it wasn’t a Friday, but Wednesday.

Since it is the middle of the week and I was born around 11:30 AM or something. This makes me born almost in the very middle of the week.

And therefor of the weak.

Because, believe me or not. The middle of the week is… well you almost believed me the part with the middle of the week.

But the middle of the 5 day work week.

And so I wasn’t lying. Since 5 days of work, are 5 days of torture for my people. And on Friday they can go home a little earlier. At least some.

In the civilized west.

Which now brings me back too the two snakes.

Too times 12. Two times a full circle.

And you know what circles are? They have no end and no beginning.

And this is what evil tries to claim. Since a virus of course wants to claim the host, to replace the host with its own genes, information, data or whatever.

And earth of course tries to fight back. But all she got is us. And mother earth is also fighting with the weather. But some people try to control the weather as well and manipulate it.

I mean, if I could alter a cloud, let it rain or not rain. And even let it snow and lighting. Then what must she could do alone? Or maybe I just wittnesed her power. Gods power.

And for me love is God as well. But not what the world tries to sell you as love.

And again, when we are finally not infected by this evil spitir or whatever, this hive mind. Then you can all fool me or whatever.

I would even give you a knife to kill me. Trust me, I would. To make this pain go away. But you can’t let me do this alone. Because I know, if I die now, then we are all dead.

I am trying to absorb evil, like the white cells of the immune system.

I am trying to and it is pretty painful, since every other white cell goes against me and against the blood, I try to protect.

Or the killer cells. Sorry, I am not that good with biology.

I just try to make you realize, that at the end of the day (not today of course, not in the mathematical day), you will die, if you think that this is funny.

Because how should you know?

Did you fly to the sun?

Did you fly to the moon?

Did you create earth?

Did you create the dinosaurs?

Did you? Well then I am afraid to tell you, that they are all not real.

People: Not real?

Okay, finally someone asked a question.

Because otherwise I could even tell you that I am a bubble.

But these days, people believe everything their devices tell them.

Sadly I am telling the truth here. And when not, then I am telling you or trying to explain it to you. For example the part about the dinosaurs. I personally have no idea what these creatures are. And whether they lived. I know that there have been living beings in the water and land.

I know that. And I also know, that the land once was filled with water. Since water is necessary for life. So earths great reset is a big load of water, salt water over your heads. And lava and storms.

But you have to understand, that she is giving us a chance to fight first. Before she maybe kills herself with us. Or at least all evidence.

Why isn’t she doing it?

Maybe because I am holding her back? Maybe because I try to make people see through the fog.

AND PLEASE! Please question me because otherwise I am talking to a wall. And walls only give back what you give them. The same, an echo.

And I don’t want to receive an echo, I want to receive a message. A message from outer space. But all I get is the message to kill myself.

So thanks…

And since Nietzsche said what he said. That the humans killed God.

And that nature also is all about God.

Well, thank you for killing me.

Because one always has to suffer. Am I right?


The intruder wants to make us believe that this is how it has to be.

But the intruder knows, that as soon as the immune system of earth goes into full force. That he/she/it the “s” has to go with it. Has not much time.

S, like snake or sausage.

And to the men, don’t cut that thing, okay?

I am serious.

To the women, I know that I might sound crazy.

But you know how it is.

Probably you know better than me, how it is.

Since you were fighting this war alongside with me.

And remember what a nine year old said about getting her period: “I think I am dying.”

And this is the truth.

But the truth is something, no one really wants to hear these days.

And hey, I didn’t ask for it. I would also like to talk about nonsense, laugh about it together with you and have a great time. And I hope we can have that some time in the near future. But we only have this chance.

Otherwise the actual virus wins, making us believe that we won against the created virus, while follow the actual virus orders.

And it isn’t the fault of the people. Because this is how it is, when a body gets infected and the immune system is very slow.

And viruses sometimes take a long time to conquer a body. Because all they do is destroy. And they do whatever is necessary for it.

And if a virus even learned to speak, then Good Night.

But I actually wish you a good night and I hope that you will dream about me, instead of the nightmare around us.

All I want is peace, life and freedom.

But I guess, you all think that you already have that.

And you theoretically have it, but you are scared.

And I know why. It is scary.

But we are in soviet russia. And the motherland calls for our help.

Because earth is our mother, our motherland. And soviet means free.

And I don’t know about the name Russia. But you could also call it kingdom of heaven. Because this is what we should have. With faries, with goblins, with angels and vampires.

What? You thought, that God hates all these things?

Well, you got informed wrong.

While of course I don’t like what is told about these beings.

As if vampires are out for your blood. It is far from it. Because when you understand that a human can live forever and a vampire actually wants to live forever. Then they are the same. Only that the story says, that the vampire wants to suck blood. I think that in the mirror world the vampire bleeds.

Thanks for asking.

And this is your life.

And I want to live with you and not die with you.

But since I am only a son and a daughter of earth. Speaking for my mother. I can only hope, that my mother, like my human moter, can still fight.

But we are weak. Because we are the fighters and you control humanity, when you control the fighters. The immune system.

Then you rule the world, but earth is still fighting.

And if we don’t fight, don’t survive and use our abilites, then earth might look like Mars or the moon or the other dead planets.

Maybe we even are the last stand of the universe, the immune system of the universe.

But you know that I am not existing. Because ….

Amen – So it be


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