Can/Do – you make sense?

Ask me whatever you want!

Since I want to be a teacher of thought. I did a bad job.

Because I did all the work for you.

And now probably the time comes, where you have to ask me questions.

When you question my existence, whether what I say or said made sense or makes sense. And also whether we want to live or just die already. Or maybe discover Narnia in my cabinet together, the forest and kingdom, not what you thought.

But I guess, I am just confusing people, making people struggle more and just should finally accept that we were doomed from the day we were born. Since that is what everyone else thinks or not?

But I mean, I am basically the Stargate here and God.

So what did I expect. Noone believes that I exist…

(But thank you for those who proof me wrong. I love you. And I am just staying for you.)

Ask your questions.

Your life depends on it.

Me: trying people to wake up

People: want to sleep

Me: :-/ knows….

Since I ask you, to ask me a question, you won’t ask me a question because in the mathematical concept you then think, that it makes no sense to ask a question. Since the opposite of yes is no.

Therefor, when I say, I don’t want you to ask me questions. It should mean, that you would ask. But no, you then would have learned that I tried to attack you from the other side and then block again.

And then you would be left speechless and I would be hopeless.

Because you then won’t say a word and I would talk / write all day.

I guess the machine won. But why? Because the humans usually think binary already. Because in the end everything can be translated into machine code.

Someone thinks: Yes, that is true.

My reaction:

What I actually feel like at the moment:


Please ask me a question. I won’t bite. 😦

And in case I should do, then hit me in the face, okay?