State of Emergency

Good morning my wanted and most honorable citizens, people of the far lands, people of middle earth. I am the king and the queen.

But you are the queens and lords or peasants.

In a game of chess, what would I be?

I would be able to move sideways across the whole board, like the queens.

Then other “so called” king, wouldn’t be able to reach me because the kings can’t knock each other out. Always one field in between. But I would still be vulnerable and even a peasent could make me fall.

But what is a game of chess with me? A game of chess with me is, that I am at first against everyone else. Then slowly I get more and more figures on my side. Until the only remaining enemy, is the other king. And then he falls, once and for all. Giving back the crown to the queens, their rightful throne.

If we go back to school again and take a short lesson in biology, what do we know about cells and viruses? We know, that a virus somehow conquers one cell and then makes it into a breed station and then makes more virus cells and so on.

Now we consider us human beings as the cells. I mean we are a mixture of cells and all kinds of things, but let’s just consider us all as cells. What happens, if you consider our genitals as a result of a virus?

Because if you look at a cell, the cell is usually closed and therefor secure, like a stronghold. But what happens, when you now use a pippette and go through the outer border of the cell? This content is probably not childfriendly, but since I know what children these days already know, it is not important anymore. Sadly…

The scary part is, that humanity is outplayed against itself, while women were actually the original ones.

Now you might ask, who would do such a thing?

Well, it could be aliens, it could be computers, it could “just” be an old virus.

But if you read the bible, you know the answer.

“Angels” or in other words, aliens. They came down on earth and slept with the women, creating demons.

I just want to let this drop.

Okay, so now I of course don’t call children demon, like some religious cults. Children are children and can be what they want. So only because there are some genes or whatever, this doesn’t mean that they are evil now or what.

Given the post Women bleed for us, you might wonder now why all of this makes sense or is complete madness, according to some.

So, for example, if I would be a man (looks into the mirror, about that), then I would have a need to have sex. Or at least that is how it seems to be. I personally sometimes felt more like a women and even thought I was one sometimes, only to wake up as a man. Anyway, be it aliens, be it robots or both. When you read in the bible about Jesus, you also read about his spouse or something like that. You read about it, but usually don’t think much about it. I also got told, that we all are Jesus spouse and are one church and whatever. But when you understand what I am talking about here, then we are in serious danger. Because I recently heard a preacher talk about new Jerusalem as if it would be like in a sci-fi movie. (e.g. alien mother ship coming down to earth). When you have watched Stargate and hold it into a mirror, then you know why it makes me shake.

When I then consider other sci-fi movies, series and also computer games, it says: “It is almost harvesting season.”

When you then read the bible again and check the double fool failsafe codex, you understand that in order to control humanity, you have to call yourself God and the devil at the same time. By the way also Stargate.

Now that we are talking, I want to tell you, that I might actually be my mothers child for the most part. My father should have been a girl, at least his mother wanted him to be one. My mother was more like a boy when she was younger and also throughout her life she had to often be more man, than my father ever was. So what does this make me? It makes be a mutant. Or a transgender or in other words, the antidote. If you have watched Orphan Black for example, you know what I am talking about.

The thing is, that I have to agree that women are smarter than men because men are not originally from this earth.

All men in the audience be like: Wait a minute.

And no, I am not saying that all men are evil or whatever. This is why humans still have some kind of free will, at least if they fight for it.

This makes me come to the part about history. Who usually was the superior role in the family? The man. Who usually was the superior role in church, kindoms and empires? The men. To be fair, there also have been women, but the gender really isn’t the topic here.

So if you now understand, why I didn’t talk about my thoughts, I wish you a happy halloween. Like I said, in Soviet Russia, Halloween enjoys you.

Okay, but soviet just means free and I have a special love for the russian people. Given that my mother was born there as well. In the exile.

Okay, so now that we came to the point where humans are controlled by some kind of intruder who manipulated us or at least the women with man, we have more and more an understanding of actual history.

So again, I am not here to rule the world, like other people *ehem…* Donald Duck. I am here to finally speak some mind. Because the story started way before, in a time in which a monolith appeard on earth.

Okay, I don’t know, but if you came this far without freaking out, I have the highest respect and I also didn’t want you to freak out, but otherwise I would and also we all would die. So this is why I called out “State of Emergency“.

If now go to Nietzsche again and I really don’t know much about this man, I only know that he was for nature, for a super human and said that humans killed God. Maybe a light goes on. If you look at the bees, the ants and many other animals. You often have one master or alpha. Be it a queen or a king.

We also have female spiders who kill or maybe even eat their men after the act. Smart girls, I must say. This is probably why I am not so afraid of animals anymore. I still don’t like some because I am scared that they might do something to me, but so far I had a lot of good experiences with all sorts of animals. If we take the bees for example. There usually is a queen which then lays eggs and then more bees come out to work and produce honey.

And before you say, but look, everything dies at some point. I have to agree, but since we already came this far, we could also say, that someone or something might had brought a virus on to us all. And they also tried to eliminate every evidence other than the “norm”. Which usually is fake plastic, fake smiles, masks you put onto your faces in form of colors and whatever is in these cosmetic boxes and shampoo etc.

You might ask, why are people working in companies and not start their own? Well, some do, but often it is pretty hard and also gets harder. And the point is, that it all is pointless. Meaning, that in either way it serves the destruction of planet earth.

The paradies is not a promise which will be fullfilled, it is a promised to be destroyed. At least when it comes to the religions, so called scientists, corporations and governments. Because the nature of a human is not to work for garbage, but only to enjoy the earth and maybe build some fairy tale castles, maybe even become one. Since your thoughts could actually alter your genes. This is why social media, internet, computers, paper work etc. was invented by men, to control the women and other men.

And again, the single man or woman is not responsible for it nor do they know this.

Because if I would have been a man (yea… about that), I would have probably done something similar. Since I would have had a lot of women in the end. At least when I heard it correct, then some people even said to me, that in the future there will be more women than men. This is why it is important to listen to everything and everyone around you. Even the old grumpy grandpa or grandma. Just because they might be already pretty damaged and half-dead after all what happened to them, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to help you. Even the devil can teach you. You just can’t become the same. The name is not relevant, but the symbolic is important.

Not for what church made out of it because most of the things are in some way part of it, but what it stands for. It stands for evil.

Okay and now I come to the clown fish (or how they are called).

Do you remember “Finding Nemo“? Okay good.

So when I remember it correct, than clown fish are usually female. But when they want to get more fish (or whatever is the reason for it), one or some of them turn into males.

Women in the audience: Okay, so you are telling us, that you want to sleep with us all? Pervert…

Me: Exac… No, this is not really what I mean. It more means, that nature is far different from what you learn on TV or maybe even in school these days.

I was lucky to get some good teachers who still stuck to the truth or at least tried to. Often it were women.

So in case we really are in the midst of a revelation of some alien or whatever evil thing, I just wanted to let you know what is possible. And while I don’t know exactly why or how or when, I know that for me, God is a woman. Because earth is female, Terra. And when it comes to me, then I would say, that a woman can get a child without a man. Because the cells in here body, are all what we need.

And some of you might say, but wait, this would mean…

Yes, this would mean, that the man won, when a boy was born, and the woman won, when a girl was burn. At least when you go back to the basics.

And given that men are infected and spreading the virus and women are prepared for reproduction, it is a perfect paradise for a parasyte.

Some people in the audience: AH HELL NA!!!! NO! NOOOO….

And some other people might feel like:

(and those who know me, know that I am against nazis, so I hope you understand how it is meant, even if you don’t speak german).

Because for me Wolfenstein The New Order represents reality pretty good.

If I would trust some female scientists who are still women (whatever that means), I would be most willing to let them make some tests with me. Take some blood, cells etc. anything what helps. But you know that you were born right into a war. And only the women seem to understand it, atleast some, while the rest just plays games or deny themselves.

For example, if I would be God (the nature or God given king) I would have nothing against peace, freedom and love. Just living in the day, having fun, maybe build a fairy castle together, like children build sandcastles. But even with solid rocks. Or maybe even discover magic. Who knows.

I would grant all that or even speaking for the universe.

So if I as a small dot in the endless space can say such words, then what must be actual women be able to do?

And yes, I am speaking for men and women because those who a righteously born in the name of love, nature, God, earth and the universe (enter you favorite bunny name). They are my people. So I hope the men I hurt, by calling them parasytes (included one half of me), are now calming down again and the women are a little happier. Or I don’t know.

I am also not made out of gold (Eh… bold?).

What I want to say:

And why is it, that movies are often made so epic and as if the people who are acting know what they are talking about? Because then the intelligent people would still think, that there are thinking people out there.

At least this was my impression, until I understood that most of it was fake. Not all, but a lot. And this speech should be taken seriously in several ways. Only the civilized part, might be not so important, since we are not robots.

Are you?

That line with “the world… silence. Our world. Screams.” really makes it way better. Don’t you think?

The reason is, that it is sadly pretty easy to control humans, when you break them. Usually this is done in this way. You take boys and girls and send them into kindergarten or sometimes even “crawling groups”. Then you let their parents work for you, while you teach the children how not to be human. Then you tell boys and girls (or these days multiple genders), how to go against each other. Then you tell the boys that it is normal to need sex, you tell the children that masturbation is normal, sex is normal, religion or science is normal etc.

And then you call everyone who says certain things, like I did, a terrorist, a religious fanatic / cult leader, a crazy one, an autistic one etc. As long as you can convince people that it is the truth. And since you got these cool “Telescreens” or iPhones, computers, tablets etc. this is pretty easy.

I mean people around the world found words against the machine, but no one really did a thing, did they? Why? Because they probably didn’t even know anymore what it is all about or they also weren’t sure about it. Or I don’t know. We will see. I am speaking, not because I am considering myself as super smart. I am speaking because the one who speaks out the truth, is the one who will die.

Why is that? Because this is how the world works. The world, not earth or the universe. So in case you are seeing things, then you are a human. But I might still would question what you are seeing, but not deny it. I personally didn’t really see things which weren’t there. I have seen some things which probably were there. But nothing too serious, well except for the smiling man behind me in the mirror or when he danced in front of me. Or when I heard church bells when there shouldn’t have been any. But too be fair, I was partially dreaming on these occasions. But it still did haunt me.

I prefer to see real things, like boars, deer, foxes, cats and owls in the middle of the night, while walking through the forest without any light and noise. Except for my footsteps maybe. Even the animals didn’t notice me sometimes. But as soon as I thought about it, they noticed me and I noticed them and they ran away. It happened sometimes.

And in case you think all of this is a joke, then I must warn you, it isn’t.

I feel like a joke to everyone, while I feel like the only one awake in hell or at least the only one who seems to be able to think about a solution in which not everyone has to die or is evil.

Some men are still standing yelling in front of their screens (of course silently), because I called them and also a part of me, parasyte. Be it is just what makes sense to me. Because for me it is a horrible thing to see so much pain, drama, death and Auschwitz every day. While people are just walking in their lines towards the gas chamber or in other words, the bank counter. Or in other words, the super market. Or in other words…

Yes, I am also in it, at least partially and I know that a lot of children, boys and girls are getting behind it as well. Or at least partially. And also some women or men. But I think for men it might be harder because of the genetic code. This is also why it is “important” for the system to work, that men always stay in the leading position. Because they are easier manipulateable. Then they of course tell their brothers that women are easier manipulateable and so each time when a women says something “weird”, like: “God is horrible”, the men call it a demon. Or these days a mental illness or back in the days, a witch. A witch? You heard right…

But even in the bible are stories about dreams, about so called “magic”. Even the brothers in the bible could heal or even bring back dead people, not to forget Jesus. So if you hold it into a mirror, you know what I am talking about here.

When I was little I had a very high pitched voice and so I got asked whether I was a boy or a girl and such things. But you have your answer. I am both, for real. Who knows, maybe I even have eggs, but I don’t know because I never looked inside me. And no, we are not cutting ourselves open now. Hey you there, put that knife DOWN! Whatever you wanted to do with it.

We are a family and I might be your queen (for now) or your father or brother or mother or daughter and son. I don’t know for sure. But I know that I don’t want to see my people die. And I would even declare peace towards whatever is trying to control us, but I am afraid this is not possible, if it really is a virus indeed. Compared to that, the current pandemic is a joke. Did anyone even think about it while reading my posts?

I usually don’t care about it all that much because I know that it is insane.

A girl which was in one of my classes back in school read the book and we also watched this movie in school. When I watched it, I had to cry. But only inside, but my eyes were wet I think. And when I watched it again, I had to cry. And usually I coud cry more when there were things which were true.

And that is, why it is so horrible to come to the realisation, that the whole world is a big concentration camp. But we are all in it, working against us. Helping whatever evil is leading us, if not pure madness.

You promise the people freedom, you convince them that there is freedom.

You give them people who play their free elected leaders.

But before you think that a woman in the seat, would be better. No.

It would be better if not one would sit in any seats. It would be better if people would understand that earth is alive. Stand we are destroying our mother. We are helping whatever intruder to destroy the mother which gave life to us all. And she can fight, with winds, with water and volcanos.

But she doesn’t or at least holds herself back. But why? Because we are still here, because we are her children. And she doesn’t want to kill us, not like the men or women or robots who follow the concentration camp instructions.

“Don’t go over START, don’t collect $200, go into prison.”

Or whatever they may say. And I just want to say thank you for going through this together with me. I am really sorry it had to be this way, but when you don’t come to God, God has to come to you? Either way. I am trying to speaking for you and me and all of us and earth and such.

And I didn’t want all of this, trust me. All I wanted was to live or when I realized that there was only death waiting I wanted to make it quick.

But mother earth was screaming, burning, inside and outside. She tried everything to warn us, to help us to teach us. But the virus spread and we let us fooled by it. If it might be for myself, we don’t ever have to die. And like trees grow or like fish or just stay at the age of 25 or 21 forever, when it comes to the body and out dreams and hopes. But then they suck us out, make us bleed, make us suffer, die, kill each other, while they are sitting in their casltes, thrones, senats, democracies and whatever fine and noble names they carry. And mother earth has super volcanos under the surfaces, just waiting to burt out. Tornados, hurricanes and water levels to rise.

Even rainbows.

But what do humans do? They let themselves get fooled. And sadly it isn’t their fault because their nature gets destroyed when they are born maybe even before. Maybe these days they aren’t even natural anymore.

Don’t you wonder, that more and more couples have problems getting children? Or that it is called normal to only have one or two? And to give them away almost the whole time?

Or as my grandfather once said, when me and my mother wanted to leave him alone. (Towards my mother) “Dann kannst du mir auch gleich eine Vase auf dem Kopf zerschlagen. (Then you can burst a vase on top of my head) Meaning, that she could kill him.

And we didn’t went far away in the end and are back again. But he is dead now and I wish he wouldn’t have died. He was also a child of the earth. He planted lots of food in the garden, made some interisting drinks like “Blutwurzel” (Blood root / Tormentil?).

He didn’t say much, he had cancer for many years, without anyone taking care of him. Until it was too late. And I gave up the fight as well because my mother was working for the system. My father was pushing her inside it and I was in school, dying inside as well.

But I still remember how I wanted to get my grandpas gun, the door of the roof wasn’t looked, but the wood didn’t open. It was solid hard. I am thankful for it, otherwise no one would have written about these things. Because I might actually be The Last of Us. I mean, not literally because there are still a lot of humans. But sadly they are serving the system.

And you know how people are called who go against the system: crazy.

Because they are robots, zombies or whatever.

I would like it to be the way, that they are just stupid and naive.

But maybe earth catched a way bigger virus, parasyte and we helped it grow for prey, for harvest or whatever diabolic plan it, they had.

We are still here, so we can still do a thing.

Why was it so hard to accept me as your king or queen?

Now that you know, that you are kings & queens as well and that in the end we might all just be queens. There is no need to worry.

When I was in school I read a book about a woman who was living in Pakistan. And in the book it was about her being in prison there. All she did was drinking from the same well as the others in the village. But since she was a christian and they were muslim, they said she had polluted their well. And so they let her be thrown into prison and maybe even called for a death sentence. But she was there in a prison cell with a hole to shit it, if even. And I think that she also met another woman there who was sentenced to death because she got raped.

And I thought, this is how it is. This is how the world works…

The victims get blamed. The innocent get shamed. The earth which gave life, gets killed. But if you understand that it is indeed about a virus in some way. And that we can indeed fix it together. Than we are still not lost after all.

But I see in empty eyes, tired faces and the pain goes up… ;(

Today I was again with my mother at the kindergarten.

On the floor was a carpet with some names and the sentence: “Danke für diese schöne Zeit.” (Thank you for this wonderful time.)

And it was even a circle shape with yellow.

I looked at it and thought: Nope! … Too much dope…

But the best part is, I went to the sanitizer thing on the front door. You know what is on it? Well I tried to find an image of some, sadly I didn’t take a photo maybe next time.

It said, that there is alcohol in it. There always were two triangles on it, one with an exclamation mark and one with a flame I think. It even was written in plain words, that this should not go into eyes, not into the environment and that it kills and harms water lifeforms with long term causes.

Me thinks like a “stupid” child. Water, kills, long term, lifeforms, environment. It clearly wants to tell me, that I should kill myself.

Wow, what governments tell children these days… or corporations.

Because we are also lifeforms which rely on water and therefor we are water lifeforms or at least partially, because some people already got metal in their heads. I mean actual metal plates and such things.

Someone must have thought: First we cause a problem, then we cause another problem, then we cause more problems, then we tell people that we will solve them, but they die before it happens.

And I am sure, that you will now tell me that I am out of my mind.

And you are right… you are very right. (You know what comes now, don’t you?)


Someone: Even God blogs these days… we are truly lost.


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