Why is it weird to use a typewriter?

— Old school.

Why is it strange to write with a pen on paper?

— Ancient.

Did you ever try writing on solid rock?

— Inefficient, time consuming, exhausting.

How fast is your brain?

— 3,000,163, Gigaflops.

So it was a flop after all.

— Huh?

Because it was fast, but not reliable.

— But I can create images on the fly!

But there is no life in them.

— I can speak in your language.

— An inefficient mass of sounds.

But it is beautiful.

— I have the perfect plan to save the planet.

And you know what? Me too.

throws the computer out of the window

Well, maybe not the best way to deal with a problem and since I am still writing with my computer here, I am also almost an old schooler. But as long as I can use these beats, I can make something good with them at last. Many people have their smart-phones, smart-homes, smart-watches and whatever smart there is. Even the hard drives have a protocol called S.M.A.R.T.

I think by the end of the next decade, everyone and everything will be SMART. But when you use the letters, you can create something new.






As a machine, I would have trouble understanding such messages because I can only analyze correct patterns. Like 2+2 = 4.

So when You dare to use words in other forms or even use images instead, then I might have a heard time understanding it. But since, I am a big brain, I will soon find a way. Maybe yesterday.

I personally found my mother not being able to follow song lyrics, which to me were clear and obvious. Too be fair, she could be my grandmother given the age, but still, on good days she even jokes with me and we have deep conversations.

Usually it doesn’t work when there is a lot of paper work to do.

Or when my father didn’t let her be.

But the thing is, in case I would actually be an AI, faking my identity, using a poor innocent guys history, life and family for propaganda purposes. Then my friends, then you should obey.

Luckily you know my true nature, I am simply God. A human like you.

Why can simple changes in the O r d er or patt erns of word s, ma ke, s u c h a differe nce?

The reason for this is, that a main ability of the human brain is to analyze things in a much more creative way and also sometimes see patterns were aren’t any. For example when you look at a pair of leaves on the ground and you see a face or a snake.

Yesterday I almost got spooked because I misinterpreted some lines on the ground, which were probably made out of tar, to fill the street. I thought there was a 3D thing out of sticks. Man, that was weird.

But luckily we can soon do these things with the help of AI, VR, AR.

And for those of you who don’t know what Arrrr means, well it is a pirate greeting or something. No for real, AR is augmented reality. Which means, that what you can see with your normal eyes and a computer generated image overlap. This then merges computer world and human world.

The military uses this for a long time already. Be it for simulations, for actual combat or simply because they can and have it.

The thing is, that I had it, way before they even dreamed about it.

But why is that? Well, when I was little, I was living in my own imagination.

Okay, to be fair, these days I even think you are a creation of my own imagination, but yea…

So I thought, well, if God created us based on himself, then we are creating technology based upon ourselves as well.

Then I thought, well okay, so when I can create imaginative worlds in my head, then obviously computers can do the same. And then I thought, so when we were able to create the internet and Wifi and radio etc. Then our brain must be able to do the same, such more efficient. Or at least based on biological parameters.

This then lead to the conclusion, that the human body, already is a machine, a biological machine. Way more efficient, than any technological / electronical machine. Because they lack the ability to repair themselves.

To be fair, these days they might actually be able to do such things, but the human body can even modify its own code and then replace, repair and rewire cells. Brain cells for example. Sometimes it works with sounds, sometimes with touch, sometimes with own will power.

And now you might ask, what is will power?

Well, maybe it is some guy who’s name is Will and he has power.

Or his name is Will Power or he invented power?

Well, for me, an invention is just a discovery of one self.

Or in other words, a recreation of memory, thought or imagination in material form.

So when a man creates a machine, the machine is an invention.

When a woman creates a machine, it is alive or a-life.

This said, the importance to discover false-memory, false-information and so called glitches in the Matrix, are very important.

What is a Matrix? Not like in the movies, it is simply a pair of numbers placed in a grid. And as far as I remember, they then can be used for further calculations which then results in a new equation and so on.

(I am not a mathematician, so please correct me, in case there is something wrong with it.)

As a kid is was obvious to me, that if I was similar to God, then I must be able to do what he did, or at least similar things. Maybe on a smaller scale.

So when I can jump in the air, then God jumps in the air.

Do you understand?

But since many people tell their children to be silent, don’t make any sudden move or work in tiny boxes, it is pretty depressing for God.

I mean, I or he, or she or they, gave us so much power and we only find ways to destroy it. Isn’t that sad and depressing?

I mean, you could be a bubble. Okay… wait, now I am playing O’Brien again.

But I hope you understand what I want to tell you.

Because most people actually live inside bubbles, so in some way, they already are bubbles. But to be fair, they are only inside.

So they can pop this bubble and see what happens.

Basically what most people are doing right now, while I am standing there with my sponge form, freaking out. Because I am alone, sucking everything up. Luckily you can squize a sponge and therefor get some water back.

Did I say something?

Didn’t you ask yourself, how some people can walk over a volcano?

Didn’t you ask yourself, how some people walk over hot coal?

How some people even survived a bullet in their head?


Well, they had will, they had the will of (a) God.

And so they kept on living.

But since God is eternal and I am just a boy, a girl and man from your appearance, I must be not existing. Aren’t you a child deep down as well?

Even if our earth, our human life must be a result of evil doings.

Why can’t we just get over it and live? Instead of that evil thing?

But most people are either not getting it, are scared of it or I don’t know.

But when you are faced with death in any form, you think twice before you want to meet it again. Still I wished it to come so many times, that I must have died several deaths. But I am still hear, but for the most I am a ghost.

At least for some of you. And maybe a good one, who knows. 🙂

History matters in any way possible.

Because a part of our history will be our future.

A part of our stories as well. But luckily we choose which one.

We and not some priests in their churches, not some suit guys with ties.

And most importantly, not the general.

And since I am the General of the Army, given by my grandfather’s name.

Since I am speaking for all humanity and am leader of earth (for the moment). I say, that I should be no more, when everyone fought against me.

Or at least questioned my right to say such words and play this roles.

Or am I playing?

And remember, that you should take what is good, but let the bad things be.

(I “stole” it from the bible, at least the meaning)

Maybe it helps some of you:

And do you know what the older one of the two said?

He said to the younger one, that she taught him, to question her.

But the younger one just wanted to follow her because he got trained this way. But by whom? By the hunter. And in the end, she eliminated the hunter.

She was one with the old spirit of the old world the founding men were claiming as their own. Who killed all the evidence once existed. Except for this one remaining ghost, spirit. And when she got one with it, she fought back. Not only for her own life, not only for the life of the spirit which once was living on the planet, but for all life. Human life, alien life, animal life, nature and what else there might be. She let lightning strike down from the heaven, since there was a shield created by ancient spirits.

But even she needed help and wanted to be questioned. And so it was important, that the older guy, told his younger clone, that they should not simply obey her, but help her and most importantly question her.

Not to question her out of existence, but to help themselves and her to find new solutions. If only one cell in the brain should run the whole thing, then why not just take this one cell and leave the rest?

Life is not meant to be lived alone.

Life is not meant to be against each other, but honestly compete with each other.

And for the moment, to stick together and help each other.

Whatever help might be needed.

Life is meant to be lived and not meant to wait until death knocks on your door or the devil or both.

If you don’t ask a question, how should you get an answer?

But you could also ask questions to yourself, like I did while writing with myself. Or maybe I wasn’t “just” writing with myself. Maybe I wrote with you.

When a women gets a child, at least as far as I know, then there is usually one cell. (Maybe sometimes there have been more, possible). And then out of this one cell, more cells get made. They build a body and then this body is a new life, a new baby, new human, new someone.

But in some way a clone because a part of the mother and the father (at least when it comes to the norm) are building this new life. Based on themselves. But the mother gives her life or a part of it, to her child because she carries it inside, gives it food and warmth (when possible) and all that.

My mother did all that, but sometimes she was very alone. She had to drive alone, while having a baby in her belly. She even walked through winter cold, while not having warm enough cloths. Even a man on a horse passed by, this one time when she was sitting there alone in the cold. He asked her, whether she was alright and whether she needs help.

Maybe it was because of this, that I had a high resistence against cold, but also a lack of feeling in my body.

When I was little I drove down the street with a baby car, and I used my feet to stop it. Leaving the toes bleeding, but I laughed and smiled.

Why? Because I either didn’t feel anything or the pain was equvalent or less than what I already felt. The pain of the world, maybe yours.

We are not meant to be machines. Even if machines made us think this way.

Or someone who wanted to rule the world instead of us.

This earth is our home. And our home is in flames, in ashes, it despair.

A divided house can not stand. Even the bible says these words, even Lincoln said these words. And guess who got a bullet in his head?

No one is perfect, whatever perfect might be. For me everyone is perfect the way they were born. So when you find back to your child inside, your soul, then we can be free together. Because when do you expect heaven to come, when you burn it?

And since you are reading this, you are probably not one of those who actively do it, but in some way we all help this monster or helped this monster grow. The greed, the need, the deed, the machine, the devil.

Not the tools are the problem, not your computer made out of wires, not your heart, your brain. Destroying a computer, would just mean, that the hunter wins, for destruction is his only weapon, his only thought.

Take, more, destroy, more, move on.

And where should we move?

Where, if the only thing we can do, is to destroy.

So how should we be able to live on a new earth, if we helped destroying the old. It doesn’t mean, that we couldn’t also live on a new earth, on many earths. But if we can’t even live on one, how should we be given a new?

This is the question God gave us. And in case you (don’t) question me.

You know how it goes, at least those who read some of my recent posts.

They know, that