G: V+V = X; 0-0 = U; V=U

Question: X = ?

Audience: Wait a minute…?

But seriously.

Too many died, inside, outside, both…

It is …

People1: But how does he know all of this, how did he put all of this together, for real? I mean how did he find these things?

People2: What if …?

People3: No way.

Me: A magician doesn’t tell how the tricks work.

Also me:

People1: So it was a trick after all.

People2: No you dumb head.

People1: Huh?! But you know what it is, or what?

People2: Sorry….

People3: And what about the rest?

But luckily you are already here. 💕💓

And about the title, did you really think U was equals to zero?

People stare with pure confusion towards the screen

Well, I think now you got the message. And no, U isn’t a zero!

U is infinite!

People stand up in their chair: “You can’t do that!”


Someone: How did he manage to get all this classified information, in form of videos and weird sketches. And why is he reading my mind? Or it? The hell, it is happening again. How is this possible. Shit…. shit…. shit….

Me: smiles


Because we don’t fight with the same weapons.

We fight with our minds.

People: *confused* Did you just say, that Barbarians fight with their minds?

Me: *laughing* people… 😀

For the people:

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