Always has been

People: Okay, so now that we know how the subway system works, what’s the deal.

Me: Well, now you know how life used to work.

People: Well okay, so if that really is the big thing, then how did you find all of this?


No actually YouTube recommended it to me.

People rage out in shock.

So the YouTube AI is….?

Well, actually it was the input you gave it. And I of course gave it some input of my own. Then I remembered some things and here we are.

And I have to add, that last year, when I was in the deepest depression I ever found myself in, YouTube recommended me music which made me wanna die. Only to then sync with my mood and the guide me towards everything else. So there indeed is a …

But of course it was more than that.

All these things just assisted me in my task.

I simply had to put everything together again, how I did it the times before.

People: Before?

Yea… when I lost my mind.

People: Oh, I thought you lost it now.

Yep. I mean, basically I am in your head now.

People: Wait, no, get out of my head.

Too late, I already found what I searched for.

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