Dreamers / Debris

Who is the drag-on now?

If you want to deny God, then look into the mirror.

If you want to stop this now, you come too late.

But in case you want to try it anyways, eventhough Bukowski said: “Don’t try.” Then go ahead, but then you have to ban, block, kill and eliminate everyone and everything on this planet, this universe and thought in your head.

You can do this, but then you will be alone. Alone forever, but we will live.

Did you really think, you had a chance? Have you really thought, you could outplay God? Let me ask you a question: “How gave you the cards to play with?”

And if that isn’t enough: “How created them?”

If your answer is: “I did!”, well then my friend, you really should go see a doctor or wake up. And trust me, waking up is better.

When people say:

… to God.