If you need priceless humour with a taste of salt.

Then this is really a special catch.

I think the authors were in love or something because there is so much salt in it. I have no words anymore. And in case you don’t know what I am talking about. There is a saying (at least in my country) that when someone is in love the soup is spoiled or you could maybe say salty?

My favorite was “oversalt”. It almost has a german taste, like “Übermacht” and overpowered.

Have a good one guys! 🙂 ❤

And stay safe, but comfortable!

Sidenote: This series is better than heroine.

(Better than heroine? Do you have experience with that?)

Me? Luckily not. But I know that it isn’t worth, without trying it. And so it clearly is better than heroine. Because this series got me addicted, cheered me up and is actually pretty good. What do you want more? I mean, really, what could you want more?

(Maybe some securethee? Or fried mud?)

Nah I am good pal. Just send me them chicken.

(Chicken? You mean, kitchen?)

What did I say?


Ah right… No actually I would like to have some fish and carrots please.


Yea… for my wheel.

(Your wheel?)

Yes, that thing where I run and ru… argh you know, for fitness.

(I see, so you need them carrots for your fitness. I have heard they are good for your eyes.)

Yes, sure, but not too many, otherwise you get orange and we already have enough pumpkuns… eh pumpkids… pump… pummm PUMPKINS right now. It is indeed halloween.

(Easy man, easy. No need to get loud about a few pumpkins. What have they done to you?)

Nothing, I mean, they just told me, that they would take my first born and eat it.

(They did what?)

Nah, actually they told me, that they would eat all my children and then they would go to my friends and family and eat them alive. Until they will come to me and show me what they did to them only to let me live and die by myself.

(The pumpkins said that?)

Yes. They… they can speak you know. And they have these dead eyes and grins on their faces. And although they have no ears, when they want to hear something, they can hear it. I don’t know how they do it, but it is pretty horrible. I mean, they just sit there all day, laughing at you with their empty, but happy faces and just wait to eat you alive.

(Scary story bro, good that they were just talking about your friends and family.)

Bu… But… But I thought we were family.

(Shit what? No, no, no, you must have misunderstood something, I never agreed to that.)

Agreed to what?

(To be part of this family, friends thing.)

There was an agreement for that? Man, why didn’t I not sign it… damn it. I could have had such an easy life, instead these pumpkins will now take over the world. Ah what do I say… they already did. I mean, heck … they are everywhere. This is the real nightmare. Pumpkins! AAAAAHHHHH!

(You okay buddy?)

Yep, nothing wrong.

(Good. I thought I lost you there for a nanosecond.)

Nah, I am good pal. I am go..d.


Chappy Christmas my comrades… eh halloween.

What kids wear on halloween these days. It is almost scary.

Wait.. wrong channel. I wanted to send this to my friends in the army. How we got another traitor who wanted to rob us from our pumpkins this year. Bad mistake, they obviously showed him that the pumpkins were supposed to stay where they were. In power… I mean with power… candle light is what I meant.


Pumpkins. What did you think?

But somehow these pumpkins weren’t orange. I guess Orange is the new black.

(You mean Black is…)

Yea… I know.

(He is a racist, I knew it!)

A what?

(A racer, like with sport cars.)

Oh, a razor, I almost thought you called me a hum….humbled man.

(Humbled what?)

Someone who only dies for a living.

(A zombie? Didn’t they also eat pumpkins?)

You sure? I thought they were eating brains.

(From which century are you? They just eat whatever they can get.)

Sounds almost like these pumpkins I told you about. Zombies also aren’t what they used to be when I was younger.

(How old are you? I thought you were younger.)

Well… you know…

It is doomer time because since it is halloween you can read it backwards.

Getting back the good stuff.