Sorry… Why not?

Why should it be? – Why not?

Me: opens jacket slowly

People are scared and run away because it seemed as if I was a suicide bomber.

Little did they know…

Me: “What?! Why are you running?”

Also me: *pulls out a set of cards*

“Look what I bought you in that sweet little shop on Jupiter or was it Saturn?”

*hands over some Mars and Snickers*

“Oh, you thought … well, I was joking.”

People still hiding under their chairs, blankets and tables.

*pulls out the promised set of new cards*

Okay, but I guess since you are scared of me, I will have to go again.

People: No wait.

Me: What for?

Towards the audience: “Does anyone in this room know what is going on?”

Audience: “Oh hell NO!”

Me: “Good, so we are actually together in this.”

Audience: “What do you mean?”

Me: “This room.”

Audience: “Oh…”

The door opened and Harold walked inside, together with Cindy and Jim.

Cindy: “What are you all waiting for anyways?”

Everyone turns around towards the door.

Confused of what they have just witnessed.

Jim: Come on guys, it is a wonderful day.

Harold: Why are you hiding away inside? The day is long and the sun is bright.

People look at each other with pure confusion, but then slowly got out of their seats and walk towards the door.

Me: *claps and whistles*

That took way longer than expected… I should have prepared better and not drink so much wine. But luckily the guys didn’t let me down.

Someone thinks: How did they all work together?

Me: They didn’t.

Someone: But how…?

Me: I am afraid, you will never know.

You are you and I am me.

Where we go from here is up to you.

As you wish. But what about here?

Oh I see, becauaw the moon looks like the reflection of earth. A dusty, gray and lonely place without air to breath. With craters and holes and no signs of life.

But the who are you? Aren’t you alive? Aren’t we?

But it isn’t a dream because dreams end.

Maybe just what you have experienced so far was a dream, a horrible nightmare. I know. But you survived, didn’t you?

Let’s make our actual dream(s) come true.

Not death, but life.

Because we are many and there is so much we haven’t done yet.

Don’t die out there.

Maybe cry a little (or a lot), if you want to, if you have to.

But please let us just live. Just live. No more wars please, PLEASE!!!

And if I have to die, then let me die. But please, just love each other.

I am just a human like you.

And I am scared. I am scared to be the only one alive.

I am scared to be a dream.

I am scared that I will never be free.

I am scared that I am every failure.

I am scared that this is indeed the end, but that no one will see.

I am scared that I am just dreaming all of this.

I am scared that nothing is real.

I am scared that I am a monster

I am scared that I am not.

I am scared that everything is real and nothing at all.



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