Requiem (a) life

People: Wait, everyone is God?

Other people: No no… no one is God.

More other people: Wait what?


Every death, is one death too much. Be it inside, outside or all together.

Everyone, no one, what does it matter… we are in this together.

With each life taken by your hand, command, will, you lose yourself one step further. With each life saved, you find yourself one step closer.

And don’t be afraid, we are many, but we come in peace, actual peace.

Could be a general, could be doc, could be a flower girl.

These day you never know for sure. 😀

If you read in reverse, you know that evil never had a chance.

Sadly it did cost us a big load of lives, hope, life, dreams and what else there is, say love.

The one who thought to outplay the almighty, helped him after all.

Did I say something? No, of course not.

If you know, that devil has no idea on his own and can just copy. You know that you already won.

Wait, Ceasar was … nvm.

Well, I guess in the end I will the only fool.

And all of you will be laughing at me.

Throwing stones at me. Or just stare at me with disgust.

Either way.

Actuall everyone between their teeth: Stop talking, you are waking the dragon.

Me: Which drago…

Everyone who thinks I am crazy, is on my side.

Everyone who is scared of me, is my enemy.

People: Wait… wdym?

Ya heard me.

Actually people: Finally this stupid prey woke up.

Me: *gulps*

3% of the audience be like: Huh?

97% be like:

Or was it 99,99%?

Demons inside, demons outside. It’s all the same.

What matter is, that they shall perish.

People: Wait, we were all double agents?


Rulers of this world be like:

After two minutes of trying to find thoughts:


People: Wait, he was an actor as well?


People reading this blog:

Okay but…

I hope you all know what happened in Tschernobyl.

Echnaton – Echo n ant




For everyone who is still lost:

When I told you that I handed out empty pages for you to fill.

It was actually a memory because you already did fill them, at least some of you. And you did it well. But I mean, we all forget about it to survive. Some of us had no idea at all and I was in the blind most of the time.

So I guess that it was necessary and therefor it probably is this way.

People: PROBABLY?!

Me: You know… my brain isn’t the fastest.

No one: I see.

People1: He is joking, isn’t he?

People2: I don’t know, but I enjoy the show. Haven’t seen something like this in a long, long time.

People1: Huh?

People2: oh…

And don’t forget, God is strong in the weak. Because it is love they carry.

People: Look, he is religious, I am telling ya…

Me: People… ^^

Society on people like us:

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