The last drop

The clinic – The dream

The anime we were watching together in the clinic. Damn.

Another… another… and another one.

Well, and last year or maybe this year in the beginning, I am not sure, I dreamed of a scene in which I was looking in this face shown in the thumbnail. Back then I didn’t remember it all and first found another Anime. But now I found the right one.

It was an echo of old times, five years ago. An echo, reminding me, that I had a task I signed up for. Well, technically I just got born, but you know how it is.

As long as things will be good now, I can finally rest some time.

I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you.

I can’t say this enough. (Eventhough I still sometimes …)

You: Ah come on.

Me: Ok.

You: Wait, they let you watch this in a clinic for young people?

Me: Idk 👀 and I am a ghost, in case you forgot.

You: Sure…

Me: hehe…

I guess noone could have said something about it. But we played it cool.


Me: I made you some boots for walking… eh or sandals.

People be like:

Actually everyone on this blog:

People have long given up to try to make sense of it, it just happens.

And to be honest, I also have no idea anymore. It just happens. 😀

One people to another about this blog.

People1: What kind of drug did this guy take?

People2: I don’t know, but I wan it.

Take it easy!

The bagpack, you know… 😀

End of small Sanctuary, beginning of the majestic one.

I ma be like: Even ads speak my language these days.

You: Huh?

You will understand. 😀

I am no one and everyone.

You be like:

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