Sweet, sweet … placeholder

As my grandfather used to say: “Kommst du da mit?”, when we were watching TV together. (Something like: “Can you follow what is going on there?”)

And I just said something like: “Yes, of course.”

Not knowing, that I was just a placeholder. That my whole life was a placeholder life. And when he was about to die, I realized it again.

But all good this are three, am I eight?

Oh you thought I was a computer program? Well, let’s say I am a ghost.

People: How can you celebrate Victory, while you haven’t fought yet?

Me: Oh people…

And by the way, you first have to have a vision to know where you are headed. So if you celebrate the vision, knowing it is all you wanted to be true, it might come true, sooner than you think.

Did I say something?



You have to focus on the eye. Look, it is shiny.

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