50 States

Could already be infected.

You never know these days. You never know… am I eight?

Remember my friends: “Arbeit macht frei.” (Work sets you free.)

And support is the best critique.

You: What do you… oh…

Me: Don’t you see how happy all the people are? All these joyful singing people. Young and old united. Don’t you see it?

Man … what a dream.

Like in the good old days of Astraix and Opelix.

But then someone said… okay I am done… okay.

Here, here take the script or skript or skriptum post mortem or whatever you call it. Take it and let me be. Okay?

  • But you are free.

I know… but you know how it goes.

And if they didn’t sweat, they are not dead yet.

Because when you were sweating, you need a shower.

Or how else do you want to get clean? I mean…

The audience humbled under the immense weight of these words

What? What did I say? That I want to take a shower?

Confused eyes from the audience

Everyone waits until he finally tells them it is all just a joke

Awkward silence


People: Now he really is nuts.

Me: You want some?

Bukowski: Go all the way.

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