The brvcnVeterans

I hope you are all awake because I am coming in peace.

The war is over. Now you just have to drop your weapons.

You are surrounded anyways. For I am a ghost and you can’t catch me.

I call the title of this class: Master of the universe

It includes: Master of Disaster, Master of Arts, Master of life, Master of Ju

Thanks for paying attention. Here are your certificates.

hands out empty pages for everyone

Me: And now go, go and be the masters you are.

You: But we don’t want to leave you.

Me: Just go already.

You: Nooo. Why?

Me: Because I am supposed to be your worst enemy and you can’t be friends with me.

You: Who said that?

Me: I don’t know. But good question. I was just checking whether you earned your certificates.

You: But all you gave us were empty pages.

Me: Exactly. Because you were the certificates the whole time, so you have to fill those empty pages. I can’t give you what is not mine to give.

You: What do you mean?

Me: You have been my teachers.

You: Eh…

Me: People…

Laughter and tears of joy and love filled the whole room. And the day was saved. And when they didn’t find an old war head, they are living as long as they may live.

The music stopped and Peter walked into the room.

Peter: “What is going on here?”