Today is your birthday

And the final question: *points to the top of this page* (the overall top)

Thanks for staying in touch.

Did you think I was serious?

*blinks twice*

*blinks on the left eye only*


No one: *blinks*

Me: Gotta go…. gotta go fast.

We are “tomorrow”.

Whatever “tomorrow” will be.

With each word I wrote, with whatever I shared here.

To all times, I knew that it all could and probably will be used against me.

I know that I have and had the right to keep quiet, to stay silent.

I know that I had the right for it, but it is useless for me to have the right to be silent, while I wanted the right to be heard.

And given by law, I have the right to speech. But for how long or since when was it real? Was it ever?

The miracle of life, is inside your chest.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why.

But I know that what we call normal, is far from it.

I mean, I will probably write more later today or tomorrow.

As I always did. Or at least after some days.

Or at least post a collection of totally random, unimportant videos for the sake of it.

The part where I cared for my life is long gone. Because now I care for our future. My life is not here, only in the future. Maybe in one year. Maybe in ten years, maybe 6.153 feet under.

No matter what happens or where I go. I will live and no one can take this from me.

People: But you are supposed to work, stay healthy, pay taxes, help society.


“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“You are wide open like a book to read.”

A description of the mind p(a)lace:

Also me:



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