Me: *accidentally opens Google*

Wait, it’s your birthday too?

Wait, you are 22 as well?

Wait, I was writing to you all the time?

This is an auto-generated message.

It will delete itself within 25 hours, one day to be preciecsly.


It is 4:13 PM. You are having a tea with your friends. Suddenly, the window opens. Wind, cold air comes inside.

It is 4:14 PM. You are having a tea with your friends. Suddenly, the window opens. Wind, cold air comes inside.

It is 4:33 PM. You are having a eat thiw rouy firnesd. Uddensly eth winwod peons. Dinw, old rai comes insides.

It is 4:44 PM. You are hvn t wt yr frnds. sddnly th wndw pns. Wnd. cld r cms nsd.

It is 5:55 PM. You are t. S t w p. W, c r cs n.

It is 6:06 PM. You are. S p. W n.

It is 7:17 PM. You are. S. W.

It is 8 o’clock in the morning.

You are Steve Westfield.

A good citizen.

Signed – The Machine.

And no. I am not having fun by watching the world burn.

I am having fun because I see tomorrow.

Because I cried yesterday.

Some people play chess on a board.

I played chess with the world. Sadly I was the peasant.

Because now I can be whatever I want.

I was set on the long run. But now I can bring someone back.

Or help, or do whatever I want.

But being able to do whatever you want is useless, if it is just for yourself.

So I want to give you this gift. And share it together.

Sharing things is the way of life.

But we got robbed our lives.

Our life.

The question is answered.

But do you know the question?

I looked at the bible, then I looked at O’Brien.

I looked at the scientific papers, then again towards O’Brien.

I looked at the education plan, then to O’Brien again.

I looked at the laws and rules, then to O’Brien with a smile.

I stood up out of my chair and before he could do a thing, I embraced him and said: “O’Brien my friend, you were telling the truth the whole time. You indeed just wanted to help me. Thank you. And now, let me help you.”

Together with O’Brien totally confused, with an open mouth, we both turned towards the mirror. Then I saw a text marker or something like it and draw two rabbit ears over O’Brien’s head.

“And now smile and say cheese.”

O’Brien was shaking.

“Why… why should I… say cheese… why… why should I smile?”, he stuttered.

And I just said: “Didn’t you know? There was a camera behind the mirror the whole time. I placed it there some time ago.”

O’Brien formed a smile again tried to put down the mirror.

“Oh, you almost got me there. But I let this place be built. I even …”

Then he finally was able to get the mirror down and saw right into a camera.

“But… What?! … I… How?”, is all what he could say.

“See O’Brien, you thought I was the fool. But I bet you don’t remember when I was born. I bet you don’t remember when I was preparing you for this. I even ordered you to place this camera behind the mirror. So, I must say, you really played a good role. I almost bought it. But the cheese just didn’t stick. O’Brien… O’Brien, you have come a long way. Finally we are together again.”

“Who are you?”, shocked and shaking, were the last words O’Brien said. Then he stumbled, got on his knees and fell dead on the floor.

O’Brien woke up again. He wasn’t sure where he was.

But he was on his knees and I was right next to him.

Then he said: “I had a weird dream. I was on my knees, crying, because I realized that I served the wrong cause the whole time.”

“It wasn’t a dream O’Brien. Nor is this a dream.”, were my words.

But what you saw, was only an image of me. And what you thought to be me, wasn’t me. You thought I wanted the throne. You thought I was your master. But you should have looked closer into the mirror. For the rabbit has been you, the whole time. I was only running away because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to show you the way back home. You ran away, to guide me to you, when time has come.

We both walked for a while now. One longer than the other, but it doesn’t matter that much, as long as we both can be brave together now.

Did the party ever tell you something about bravery?

“Of course. But only stories about so called heroes.”, was his answer.

Well, shall I tell you a story about bravery?

“Sure, why not. Since I will soon lose my reputation, my job and maybe even my …”, he stopped. “Why did I think, that I was dreaming, while you said that it wasn’t a dream?”

Because you died O’Brien, because you died…

And then I wished you back, since you were my friend and you came back to life.

“Now eh… you wanted to tell me a story about bravery, right?”

Yes, sure. So the thing is, did you know I invented the whole concept of …

We talked for a while and O’Brien was fascinated. He had never heard so many words and meanings. So many colors and sounds. His heart was beating faster, his eyes began to glow. And we had a good time.

Finally the whole thing was over and we could just walk outside like brothers.

But then Peter saw us in the hallway.

Peter: “What is going on here?”

O’Brien: “We are free Peter, free like the birds.”

And then we both continued our walk. We opened the doors of all the other rooms, since O’Brien had all the keys. And the people stormed towards the main entry of the ministry of love.

Peter just stood there in the hallway, while hundreds of people where running past him. Today, was not his lucky day it seemed. Maybe he was dreaming.

Meanwhile in another place somewhere between space and time:

Or was it two days ago?

Time really flies by these days. One day you are in a ship, next day you are in a train. Wonderful times. But hate isn’t enough. You have to love and laugh. Otherwise you will not be better than the hand which feeds you.

And I bet, you forgot again, what happened a minute ago.

Trust me, it happens to me as well. But I save the important things in RAM and the most valueable information is in ROM anyways. You know.

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