A friendly hallucination

There was a man, (yes a man sorry, but you can replace the gender with whatever you want), standing in the middle of a market place.

He was standing there for a while and just when he was about to leave, another man walked towards him.

ManZ: “Hey, why are you standing here all day long?”

ManX: “I was watching my dream.”

ManZ: “Your dream? What kind of mushrooms have you eaten?”

ManX: “You know… this and that. But let me ask you a question.”

ManZ: “Go on.”

ManX: “Do you believe in something?”

ManZ: “Well, in case you are some kind of guru or religious type, I am good. I am a man of science.”

ManX: “Good. Good, so we have something to work with.”

ManZ: “Hey, eh I think I don’t have time for your…”

Then ManX, (the one who was in the center of the market place, in case you forgot – You: I am not stupid – No one said that), started to hit ManZ (the one… – You: Okay, okay) with his thumb.

ManZ: “Ouh. Are you mad or something?”

ManX continued to do the same thing, always hit the right shoulder of ManZ with his left thumb.

ManZ: “Could you stop please?”

ManX continued.

ManZ: “Okay, I am done, I’m calling the police now.”

ManX stopped: “Do you know, that the description of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different outcome?”

ManZ: “Eh, yes, I guess so?”

ManX: “Then what the hell just happened here?”

ManZ: “Eh, you hit me with your thumb a few times? Are you sure you don’t need a doctor or maybe some meds? I could help you get some.”

ManX: “Don’t you understand? I hit you with the thumb multiple times on the same point, but almost each time I got a different response. But all I wanted to proof was, that I am mad.”

ManZ: “Yeah, but this is not how it works. The scientists…”

ManX: “Then tell me how it works.”

ManZ: “I don’t know for sure.”

ManX: “See, each of my hallucinations is the same. They all expect me to give them an answer, but they have no clue for themselves. So I am afraid, you are just another of my hallucinations.”

ManZ: “Eh, excuse me?”

ManX: “Well come on, let me watch my dream, will ya. Otherwise I will have to ignore you.”

ManZ: “Hey that is rude. At least I took the time to … Wait a minute. What did you just say?”

ManX: “You are just a hallucination?”

ManZ: “No, the last sentence.”

ManX: “I am afraid I am a hallucination.”

ManZ: “No… what? Hello, I am talking to you.”

ManX didn’t respond to the efforts of ManZ getting him to talk again and tell him what he had told him before. After some time ManZ gave up on this hopeless case.

When ManZ came home, his wife greeting him cheerful. When she noticed his confused look, she asked him whether something went wrong at work. And he just said: “I think I had a hallucination today. Maybe I should go see a doctor tomorrow.”

Wait it was all The Settlers too?

Wait it is all about Stargate?

Wait, it is all war?


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