Stronghold, untold.

This insanity indeed has to end.

This pain has to end!

Lucky are those who aren’t dead.

Some people call it the end of the world.

And I say, you are right. Because the world is shit, but nature is bright.

Some people think the book is ending, but then I say: “I though all of this was just the prolog, wasn’t it?”

I thought someone just forgot to clean off the dust and open it.

So I am reading my friends, I am read and I must say, this book is the best I have ever read. Probably because it is written in a language far from words, although some words are in it, like we sometimes say words the ancients used.

But words can be interesting as well. If you read them out loud in the right tone, then they could sound like an ocean of water. Like a thousand stars lighting up the nightsky.

We are here and now we will do our thing.

People be like: This makes no sense.

Me: I know, right? *smiles*

Also me: Nothing makes sense, because it is a word.

People: ???

Me again: Oh people… people… people.

*laughs out loud and rolls on the floor*

People: ?!? Are you alright?

*continues laughing*

People: eh.. I think we should go now.

*Louder laughing*

Me: I am laughing because when the pressure gets too high, you simply have to let go. And since I could cry an ocean because of all the trouble, pain and chaos you people cause, there is laughing left than laughter.

People: Eh… okay???

Me: Laughing… you should… try it.

*Breaks out in heavy laughter again*

*tears drop down*

People: *slowly moving backwards*

I just want to live, but actually I just want that everyone could live.

At least everyone who suffers like me or especially those who suffer worse.


The first pages of life.

What… Did you expect the book of life look more fancy?

He sorry, I am just trying my best here.

And no, I don’t know everything and I don’t want to steel someone’s show.

But since no one took this role so far, I am keeping the seat warm, as some people say. I not sure how things will be, but this is a good thing. All I needed to know was, that things can be good. We can be good. And that I am not alone. This is all I needed, I, John Peter was selfish.

I wanted to not feel alone and made everyone else feel alone with me.

But I can’t and couldn’t do what was expected of me and I still can’t.

So I am doing this. Whatever it is. Whereever it will lead us.

It can only get better at some point, because right now it only gets worse.

I don’t want to laugh, but I am not laughing because I am having a good time. Although it sometimes turned out be this way. It depends on the kind of thoughts related to it.

I don’t want to laugh right now. I want to, when I finally can be together with the ones I found and who found me.

When the dead either woke up or died. You can’t let them walk forever.

I can’t do this on my own, otherwise I will laugh myself to death or cry until I get sick and die as well. Or stay numb and die inside.

In a time in which movies tell the truth.

In a time in which emotions are fake.

In a time in which people don’t know their own worth nor strength.

In a time.

In time.

Who made you believe in time? Did you invent the wheel?

It isn’t important at the moment. But it is important to be there for each other. I know you are scared. I know some of you have hate. I know you might be already dead inside or dying on the outside. I know.

But where there is life, there is hope. And when there isn’t life right now, then we will get there.

The book of life is what you make, what we make it.

Otherwise I should have died because this is all what I am living for.

But it only is real, when you do it in the name of love.

Otherwise you will die anyways and then what was the point.

Love is worth fighting for, gold is just metal.

But the fight isn’t over. Not yet.

Here, have some hope!

For the war is long, but the battle is short.

And maybe we will meet on the battlefield.

But remember, the gameplay could change in the multiplayer mode.

Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold 2, Stronghold it is.

People: ???

Me: What? I am just advertising for a few video games.

People: Oh… my bad.

Me: See. It is that easy.