Once More

It now makes sense, why my father thinks or means that he is helping me, while he is breaking my will to live so often. It makes sense after all.

It isn’t his fault nor his doing. A teacher. Teachers are everywhere, if you open your eyes. But it still hurts. At least it made me strong. And I can only help him with what I am doing here. I only hate his doing, but I know why.

But you know how it is, everyone knows, everyone knows better.

Until they fall down and don’t matter.

But if we are under water, how could there be a fire?

*sun goes out*

We are talking about video games here, just video games.

In case anyone got confused along the way.

People: Almost got me thinking. Luckily now I know.

And we all know, video games are evil.

Just in case you got confused here.

This is why I am writing about all of this. To inform the people, that they were indeed right. Games are evil. Bread and games.

But when he thought they understood, they yelled and cheered.

And so he was shocked. Or was he?


Familiar… eh… family, isnt it?

I never heard these words before. I hope you also heard what Einstein said.

Good that we have no problems like this anymore. Oh wait…

“I’m a jew” or at least these days I am the equivalent of one.

We are not talking about believes here.

And you my friend are a jew as well. Thanks for asking.

But “jew” is just a word, like “dog” and “machine”.

These days everyone is accepted and of course, your daddy is making the world a better place. I mean, maybe he used to be a watch maker, I don’t know. Maybe you aren’t a jew, maybe I am not a jew. What who cares, right?

Because these days we have freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to live, freedom to be whatever we want. As long as we follow the… freedom.


I could have … 😭


But all I do is this…

You: It is alright.

You did what you could.

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