Macman and Humhine

(I wrote this on the 17th Sep. and wanted to delete it, but then I restored it.)

I imagine that we are just waiting, until the others are screaming.

Until they ask for help, until they can’t go on alone.

This time won’t come, because they think they have all under their control.

Or will it? Maybe, probably not.

But as long as we know, that we can stop them anyway.

As long as we know, what we are fighting for, we move on.

Life is for living, for nature, for trees, for birds and bees.

Not for machines, just machines and those who want them to solve it all.

Life can solve itself. But machines, will not make possible, what we couldn’t already. They can assist us maybe, but they can’t be what we are.

Maybe some robots will learn what love means, but first we should do it.

Some know, some feel, but many never saw it really and some use it for their agendas, their plans and ads and all this …

The human is more than flesh and bones, but many seem to be not much more after all…

The Macman seems to only be the body they got, the role they set and the state they are at. The Humhine, thinks the humans are just machines as well. And so they think there is no use for their useless well.

But what the Macman and the Humhine don’t know, that they just see, what their eyes made them see. Not meaning that they don’t see what they see, but they only see what they see. They don’t go beyond and understand what they are looking at. They only see clowns on a play. While there are people behind the masks. Scared people, sad people, mad people, evil people and children. But they only see numbers, numbers and words. Faces and dirt and smoke red alert.

I see flowers, see birds, see deers and sheep. I see wolves, bears and even whales. But where is the purple floor, the sunny door? Where are the green trees and open seas? All numbers, all time, all matter and lime.

Until the plague comes and the numbers rise yet again, until the numbers fall, to be held up again. Don’t you see, that the numbers are just numbers, while lives are more? Life is not all about the numbers, they are only there to explore, to count, nothing more.

You should use them and they shouldn’t control you.

But really important is not the number, but the one imagining it.

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