namuh o human

When it comes to words, you should wonder, how they seem necessary to communicate, but are completely irrelevant when it comes to the basic needs.

What makes you believe, words are necessary to succeed?

The words only give you an understanding, of how you shouldn’t do something. So if you already experienced the way of life without words, like I did, when I was little and rediscover again, then you will see that words are mostly empty. Don’t get confused, I am also using words here because I have to. And I got used to using them. Not to forget, that most people these days use words or are forced to learn and used them. But what am I saying, words are good. Right?

I mean, how on earth should we communicate otherwise?

No other creature communicates with words like we do. Some animals form different sounds in some way, but not in such a variation like we do.

Looking back 500 years, at least when it comes to german history, you have a man called Martin Luther, a monk. No wait before you think this is about me praising religion. I hope you know, that I hate religions. But not in a radical way, people can believe things they want to believe, but I hate it when children or others get forced to do the same. The same goes for science (when it is just another religion). Some people say “The priest has the answer” others say “the scientist knows”. While in reality both know little to nothing, when it comes to the whole picture. Back to Luther.

He was a monk and learned latin as well as other languages, as far as I know (don’t trust my memory, it sometimes fails me). When he read the bible, he figured out that according to the bible there was no need for a church nor was there ever something which said that only some people are allowed to speak for God. And there also was something about that big buildings can never catch God nor are they necessary. He also figured out that people could sin because it would happen anyways at some point. And that it was about freedom. Many wanted him to be dead, the pope made him an outlaw, so basically people could do with Luther whatever they wanted without punishment. Some people who at least supported Luthers effort to translate the bible into german and maybe also weren’t too convinced of the church saved him. They gave him shelter and made it possible for him to translate the bible so everyone, at least everyone who could read and understand german, was able to read it now.

When I now look into the present and see people still going to church, at least a lot people. When I see how they don’t even understand the words in there nor have interest in it, but go there anyways. I wonder how important words really are.

It seems, as if words are only there to be used to manipulate people. To talk about the weather and about things which are always repeating. As if there is nothing important in the unknown, inside the brain or body or all around you. I wouldn’t wonder, if some people would try to teach animals to speak… oh wait, that is nothing new. Cats only try to speak with humans because otherwise the humans wouldn’t care or understand them. At least the typical ones.

I also sometimes catch myself talking nonsense to my cat, but she knows. 😀

And often we understand each other without words. Just her purr and looking into the eyes. Rolling on the floor or holding each others “hands”. Sometimes I wonder whether my cat has nightmares because she sometimes makes noises when she sleeps. In general my cat cares more about my safety and borders than most humans seem to be able to understand. When it comes to breaking things by accident, then my cat is winning because I don’t remember her breaking anything at all, while I already broke a mobile phone, a computer, my googles and probably more just this year. To be fair, this usually doesn’t happen each year and I am also careful. I just had two smart phones and one old mobile phone my whole life. And except for this one smart phone the others should still work. And the computer got overheated because a vent got stuck and I didn’t notice it, but hey…..

Back to the words. When I was a baby, I pretty early understood words, but it took some more time to speak. The reason for this was, that I probably thought, why can’t they just hear my thoughts. Would be much easier and faster. I mean even my computer communicates with waves to send out these messages over the internet to a server and then you receive it.

But well, I still learned the human words, but I had my struggle with it. Because often I wanted to express some thoughts, but there just weren’t any words for them. And I also couldn’t express it in another way. Many of these things would have either taken hundreds of words or a whole book of them. Other things simply had no words which were able to express it at all. So even if I would have written down something, like I did here on this blog, it would not have been able to give what it should mean.

The reason why it was soon important for me to share knowledge was, because I understood how broken the world was. I learned about freedom, only to be faced with the opposite. I learned about peace, only to find out that there was no peace. I learned about love, only to find out that no one really had a clue. And when I then tried to tell them what it all mean, how should they understand.

Why am I repeating myself? One could say, that I am sick. One could say, that I am broken. And partially this is true. But how should you stay normal, if the whole world is a big nut house. Some are more crazy or mad than others. I tried to tell people about it, but I knew that it would be much easier if I could just show them. Instead, it seemed, that even that wasn’t possible. It seemed this way and I thought it was impossible. While back then it really was far away for many, I already saw things like 2020. Even worse than that. I saw way more. Good things, ugly things, bad things, green things, I mean hopes.

It is interesting (horrible, sad and frustrating) how in history people called native americans or in general anyone who was not “civilized” like the europeans, animals or wild ones.

The same people who burned people because of their believes, hanged and just killed and tortured others in worst ways possible. Civilized people.

It is also interesting (just mind blowing) how people first made nature just another resource, eliminate people who were trying to fight for it, only to say: “We need solutions”. Interesting… very interesting.

If I wouldn’t know it better, then I would say, that some people want everything to be dead, broken and wasted But luckily I know better and know that most people just didn’t start to think for themselves, while pretending to do so. Don’t confused the ability to form or act upon thoughts as thinking for yourself. It might seem similar, but I assure you, it is not.

For example: If I would give you the choice to give me $5 for an advice on how to write a lot in just a couple of hours, without a lot of distractions and well written words or to pay me $10 for a life advice. How many would take the first option?

The whole point of this example is, that neither of these options will help you, only rob you worthless money you worked for probably one or two hours. Or if you are lucky, maybe just a few seconds or minutes. But still, I robbed you some time, even if the money would be worthless to you as well. Because as soon as you think about it for yourself, you will understand that there is no point in listening to others and their advice on how to do things in life. At least when it comes to most things.

When it comes to things like atomic energy, you probably shouldn’t just press any buttons and see what happens. But then again, if people would have thought for themselves (far enough) in the first place, then we wouldn’t have all these garbage problems and safety risks and complex every growing problems.

If the world would actually be ruled by thinking beings or “the people” as some humans like to call it, then we wouldn’t worry too much about the current situation. Because we would know that we have a lot of people with their minds who could in no time find solutions and then we could continue doing whatever we would like. Or the money problem. We would simply get rid of this shity concept once and for all and finally just do things because we want to do them instead of wasting our time doing things we hate. And things which hurt, harm or even kill us. But who am I talking to, right?

We are all very smart and the more people we are, the lesser we know what to do. Isn’t it weird? I mean, when I look at a forest, the more trees there are, the stronger they stand. They also get older (if people wouldn’t cut them down or only plant some kind of tree for the same purpose). And then a lot of other plants and animals could live there, grow and make it a whole… how is the word for it? Mess? No… was it disaster? I don’t know, maybe system. Yes, system seems nice. We always have these nice systems supporting us.

The big tree eats the small tr… eh the big tree makes a shadow across all the smaller… okay no, how was it in nature again? A right, the big tree burns all the other trees and then is “THE TREE”, the one and only. Nice. Why did they never tell us that in school, that nature was just about burning everything down to make everything better. Man… (yes I actually learned some things in school, but not much, and also just thanks to some motivated and kind teachers. Some…).

The word, a word, words.

The variation of words makes it harder to understand the meaning.

The variation of meaning, makes it harder to understand the meaning of meaning.

The meaning itself is rather an art, then a form of value.

Value is relative to perspective.

Perspectives on different subjects are irrelevant and subjects will never express the objective perspective needed to understand logic.

Logic is an interpretation of concept, pattern and change.

Logic is not relevant in a world of wonder.

Is wonder logical?

Is a pattern of irrational behavior in a way which seems to be working, a logical and therefor perfect conclusion?

Are words even words these days?

(If any of the last sentences were confusing, seemed weird or totally out of context, you are not alone with it. But hey, these are just words, right?)

The problem is, that words can hurt. Why is that? Because we learn what words mean. I for example learned the hard way, that in order to get hurt, you first have to learn the meaning behind the words. I for example got asked whether I have a hose / pipe. Logical me, which had learned what hoses and pipes are answers: No.

Wrong answer. Why? Well, because they obviously meant my primary genital. Who would have thought something else? I mean it is obvious…

And this is where the “fun” part starts. As soon as you learn that way too many words can be used in multiple, often sexual or insulting way, you give up. You just give up…

Because any kind of normal conversation is already filled with confusion, distraction and “fun”.

The most fun is, when you or others say something someone else doesn’t understand, but you are laughing and maybe even them, out of irritation or confusion. It is even better when you do the same when it comes to contracts. You just give a human a contract, tell him where to sign and what you want the human to believe what it is all about in just a few words and done. I mean who really reads all these documents anyways…

The best part about laws and documents is interpretation and the very best part is when the things in there are obvious, but no one understands it. Because they either don’t understand the meaning or just have no time to think about it. Isn’t it funny?

I mean, for example the hand sanitizers. Just recently I read the description on one of them I found standing in a public building. It said something about being harmful for water organisms. Hm… I thought. Aren’t humans also partially water organisms? But then I of course thought twice and corrected my thinking. Because most humans these days actually don’t drink much water, at least clear water and also in general don’t really care much about water anyways. So it can’t be that bad.

If you now think: “But of course it is harmful towards water organisms, it is supposed to kill viruses and bacteria.” Then you are thinking in the correct thinking pattern. Correct, because you are following the educated pattern of thinking, in which of course everything is just for your best. School, work, the government, the military, the retirement plan, the stock market, the health care system. Oh wait… about the last few words.

I for my part listen to my body. And when I use these hand sanitizers, when I use tooth paste, when I use shampoo, when I drink water from the tub. Well, my body always tells me: “Code Red, Code Red, I am dying here. S.O.S., Bravo Echo Delta…” (and so on). But I of course know better, because it is all just for my best. I mean I even see animals these days who do the same. I mean, drinking water of course.

And I mean, evolution was always a very, very, very, veeeeerryy… oh the AI learned how to walk within two hours. Hurray, we are all ssssss…..aved (waas there a ‘c’?).

As if there wasn’t a way to learn faster for humans. Every human of course learns in the same time. Why else would there be classes?

Oh wait, people are allowed to skip some of them, well then everything must be in order and the future of humanity is ssssss..aved.

How I wish my past would have looked like:

  • Me entering the school building.
  • Me leaving the school building.
  • Me entering a lunatic asylum.
  • Finito

And before you are wondering, yes this was the good ending.

At least up until now. Now I would know that the best lunatic asylum is where I am right now. My mind… eh home of course.

And like with every story you read in books for kids:

And when they didn’t die from cancer, the might still chase their dreams.


Eh wait, this wasn’t in the script.

*walks away from the computer*

(unrecognizable words in a fast and loud word fight)

*foot steps coming back to the computer*

Well, I figured out, that somehow a script kiddy got ahold of this and exploited our word machine. It is actually hard to find the right words, because the machine isn’t working properly anymore.

But I got informed that the whole script was not meant to be presented to the public nor was it in any way useful, meaningful or had a point.

Whatever you have seen, read or heard was just an illusion or a kids joke. We apologize for any concerns, confusion and or possible brain damage.

Thank you for your service.

We watch because we care.

Chief Inspector Longarm

Comment: Me looking at the screen, rubbing my eyes, looking at the screen again.

Give me a break man… 😀

By the way, the show is over.

*rolls credits*

Wait this thing is still on?

Why are there videos now?

Hello? Who is controlling this computer?

In the name of the CIA, NSA, FBI, KGB and God himself, who is interferring with this important news channel? You will be sentenced to…

Did I hear pan cakes?

I am pretty sure it was a pan I was hearing. Good old pans.

Everyone likes pans. Every good joke has … I don’t know.

Where have we been? Ah right…

We have to shut this damn feed down…

What if … oh God. What if the people could hear this?

Who ever this is, this is your last chance.

Otherwise you have to face the consequences!

The law is a…..

After a while of thinking. There still is so much I haven’t done yet.

So many things I only dreamed about. So many times I thought I am dreaming. So many times I wanted to wake up.

But now who is dreaming?

You have no right.

Who gave you the right to speak for the people?

No one authorized ….

When a river flows, plants grow.

When a river flows, water runs.

When a river flows, there is life.

But where is it going?

Nothing is lost, the water flows down.

Then it rises up towards the sky, the sun.

Then it rains and the water comes down again.

It falls down on the ground, the leaves, the grass and soil.

It falls into the river and runs.

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