Live your life / kids

Oh, and who said it has to be real buildings?

VENI, VIDI, VILI my friends.

But wait, it is from the wrong game.

Don’t forget, randomness wins.

Because good old “Gleichschaltung” hates randomness.

Only if it is stupid, it is okay.

Oh and before you get a mental breakdown. I am here, okay?

So if someone has a mental breakdown, then it would be me.

So please don’t have one on your own, otherwise I should have stayed with plan A… Self-destruction. But aren’t we all these days? M I ride?

Or it will be “lived”.

Interesting how he needed a piece of paper to hold this speech.

But well, you never no.

And about the “impossible” to fix thing.

As I said before. We could just let this whole stupid system be and finally do more important things, like living. You should try it once in a while.

You can smell things, hear things and even see things you might have never seen before. But oh wait, you already trust the system.

(And I hate that I am writing like this, just to let you know.)

I can say for sure, that trees never paid taxes. That trees never had the need for a government. And I am most willing to say, that frees a tree… eh wait. No trees are fried. It still sounds wrong.

Hey you there, yes you there in the back of your head. Could you please correct my mistake?


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