All this nonsense in my life got me again today. Meaning my father talking the same things again and again, like “the wheel of the car have to be changed”, “should I get an appointment?”, “it has to be cleaned”, “the wheels… I am telling you.”

Oh how I wish, I could scream like the young people in 1984, not knowing that it is pointless. Instead I heard the screams inside my head again. This endless scream I have since I was little. Like a siren someone forgot to put out.

But it doesn’t matter anyway, right?

I just ask myself, why O’Brien isn’t knocking on my door.

Probably because he was already here and saw, that I also wasn’t the one.

That I also started to shout today because I couldn’t stand the madness any longer. That I blamed my mother, while I should have blamed the system.

But remember, WCKD is good. Eh… all hail to… I mean, FREEDOM!

People reading my blog be like:


But I mean, I knew the world was screwed the day I was born.

Otherwise I would have probably not gotten into this in the first place.

I hope you enjoy your 16K heaven, your super markets and burning forests. Oh wait, the last thing is just a lie. I forgot…

In reality the people are already inside boxes, connected to super computers. The best way to find out whether it is true or not, is to look into the mirror. And if you see me, you know that you are not in a box.

People: ???


Oh and if you still think that I need psychological help. I could get drugs on my own, thanks, but I don’t need a doctor for that. Oh and apes also take pills, wave with guns and eat their children. Oh wait, only humans… never mind.

I bet you already forgot the sentence you read 5 seconds ago. The one with the fish. No? Good. Because otherwise I would have thought… eh guessed, I mean received a popup message on my brain and said: “Is this even water… eh Walter… I mean ARE YOU AWAKE?”

Who wants a cookie?

Meanwhile in another part of the world:

After he received the latest twitter message, asking about getting cookies:

In more oceanic regions…

Wait a minute…

… didn’t I tell them about the cookie first?

Never mind…

Wait… they aren’t even in the same timeli… and why is there a bunny? nvm.

The guy on the right must already have his cookie. Good boy.

Eh… no. No sorry, sadly we ran out of cookies. But you can get a job, so you can produce more for us… eh I mean us all.

And finally me, when I don’t get my cookies:

Now the question is, who am I in this whole video.

Actually how I feel in my whole life (the boy):

But one final question stays, if you (didn’t) pay attention.

Who is your leader?

Well the answer might be:

or is it

Maybe both. You never know. But damn, this mustage and not to forget how big and quirky his brain looks. Is he hiding something in there? Well, it is written down. The words, I mean.

A little off topic. But did you ever wonder how all presidents of the U. S. would look together?

See for yourself:

I call it …

(warning, jumpscare at the end)

Maybe I should make more of these.

The Collectorate

These are …

But remember, video games are bad for you. They make you understand that some people are just playing games with you. But luckily WITH you and not against you, right? Right? I mean, otherwise they would have killed you already. Or wait, what did one well once say? “We want to help you.”

But I have learned from well-known people, that you should run away, in case someone wants to help you. So I guess, I played by the rules after all.

Pfiuuu. And I thought, they wouldn’t let me tell the world that I am crazy.

But luckily I am not and everyone is just fine. Great to have a save hand above our heads and a caring eye in our soup, eh … you know what I mean. About the charity event next friday. The one with the big hands on the walls? No? Well, now you know. And don’t forget, it is for the children.

Don’t forget, it is always about the children. They are the future. What would we do without these helping hands caring for them.

Good that all of these evil people got caught. Oh wait… they got rewarded for their “good” work. By whom? Let me think trice.

For a second I thought I saw this:

But it must have been an illusion, sorry folks. Or maybe it was before the bombs hit.

Sorry, wrong channel, eh … I mean wrong footage. Or was it called topic?

I would say, Ave Ceasar my friends… I would, if I would be in for death.

Oh and for those of you who don’t know what AVE means. It means “hail“.

The interesting thing is, that nazis also had similar greetings, similar methods and ideas. National socialism is not new. It is thousands of years old. Thanks for asking.

So in case you have nothing better to do. Welcome to Wolfenstein VR.

Wait no one told you about the memory bug?

Oh and I have to tell you, that we also have a few glitches with the dreams.

Sometimes they are coming through and could interfere with the game.

We will fix this in the next patch. But since you can’t leave, how about taking some action? I mean… *looks into the script* reaction. Or was it not called actio = reactio? Maybe it was just called actio’nt et geu or how this french words are superior to be red.

Did I say something?

*Looks at the screen again*

Well… today I will sleep good…

I remember the night before dreaming about little demon girls chasing me through big halls, probably filled with all kinds of goods. And when I woke up, I could swear I saw her lying there on the floor in front of me. Looking into my soul. But luckily it just was a big pile of garbage. Almost got me.

But I also had a dream in which I was in a room with a some young people, playing video games. It felt good, it felt real and I wanted to stay there. But no, I had to wake up in another dream. And then, when I thought that I was finally awake. I woke up again. Dreams… they never let you sleep.


Why do my dreams always have to end like this…

Why do I see myself as Bruno?

Probably because I wish I would be dead because it seems, as if the fight is lost. But as long as there is a single cell in my brain not corrupted. All life on earth is safe. Because in the same way as a virus can spread through infecting one cell and then many, one cell can fight back and heal the rest.

It is called immune system (in case some of you have heard about it in old stories and miracles, in which humans were able to survive on their own).

These days evolution luckily gave us medicine, so we don’t need an immune system anymore. Who needs to be healthy and self-dependent anyways… right? I mean, everyone is your friend these days. The skin heads, the black hats, the mushroom heads, the green heads, the alu hats, the hat hats, the dead heads, even the vet meds.

I am proud of you sun… eh son… I mean EMP-ERRORS OF THE FUN!

For giving me so much fun in my life. Probably because I wasn’t as much out in the sun, like the rest of you. But still, I was before and I will be again. Because luckily the sun is just another star, an object in space.

And luckily I am not dependent on people because…

*looks into the script again*

… because I am.

*looks again because there was a coffee stain*

… because I am richy mac rich rich…???

What? No, this can’t be?

*looks again*

Richy Mac RichRich…

*looks towards the teleprompter*

*reads* You are now supposed to meet your creator.

*reads the next line* No, you are not supposed to write this down.

*blinks* What are you waiting for?


For a second I thought there was a 3 instead of peace sign. Must have been the weather.

I hope you all know that what I am doing here is only partially fun.

Partially fun because I might soon actually die because my mind blows (interpretation open) and the rest is pure frustration, sadness, depression, resignation and last hope.

Because sadly there will no one come at the end and say: “Luckily this was all just a theory and GAME theory.” wait I think I stole this from someone. So let’s call it “LIFE” theory. Because these days, life is just a theory. Like everything else. But one thing is for sure. The party always wins. Because who doesn’t like parties? Right?

(Now I will probably listen to some music again, try to cry some more and lie down in my bed. Because I know that no one will understand this. Oh happy day…)

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