Ecila and the palace [1]

One day Ecila wanted to have a day for herself.

All the time she had to watch the kids, make food, wash the clothes and carry water home, so they had something to drink. So she asked her husband Dranoel to take time for the kids.

Dranoel wasn’t amused and replied, that he had to go on a crusade against the evil forces from the east. Always these fights… Ecila didn’t understand the point of them. Because her husband had to fight for king and country, she asked her sister whether she could take the kids for one day. Her sister’s children were already grown up, two strong men, serving for the kings army. But when she asked, her sister replied that she had her quiet day and needs it to conquer the week. Whatever that meant.

Ecila was frustrated, even her neighbors were not at home, when she tried to ask them. On any other occasion they always had time to come over and talk about the weather.

After all trials she wanted to give up and the day also was halfway gone already. Then Ecila thought that maybe she could leave the kids alone for a short time. Giving them something to play with. She remembered that she once tried to make a plush toy, but Dranoel meant, that the children should learn that the world is cruel and not a playground. So she couldn’t. Her older daughter Ellibys was already ten and her younger sister Azile also was just one year younger. Not to forget the little one, O’dranoel, but everyone called him Odrano, he is six years old.

Ecila thought, that Ellibys might be able to entertain her younger siblings until she would return. The sun was bright on between some sheep like clouds. Warm summer air waved around her long brown hair. She walked towards the Ija Galmun lake near the town. Everyone else seemed to be busy, so the lake was empty. Only an older man was sitting on a big stone, watching the waves. She walked passed him and greeted him respectful. The man just smiled and a tear dropped down his cheek.

She first continued her walk around the lake, but then she just couldn’t let this old man sit there all alone. So she went back finding him sitting there crying.

When she asked him whether she can sit there next to him, he first looked confused and shocked. As if he had seen a ghost. But then he began to realize and smiled again and move a little so Ecila could sit next to him.

“What makes you cry?”, she asked.

And the man began to talk, almost whistling.

“I came here to die, I waited here two days now, but no one seemed to care nor did death catch my breath. And then I saw you passing by and I thought an angel found its way to me, only to see you go away again. So I cried because I felt so lost and alone, thought even the angels just stop to greet me farewell. But you came back.”

He broke out in tears even more. Ecila put her arms around the old man, while he was crying, almost falling apart between her small arms.

“Are you an angel?”, he then asked with a child like curiosity and wonder in his eyes, still filled with water.

Ecila wasn’t sure what to say, but she must have looked very confused because the man then apoligized and moved away her arms.

“I am sorry, I don’t know what I thought. What was I thinking…?”

Some time passed, while they both weren’t saying a word and then the old man said: “God may bless you child. You gave me hope to live again.” Then he got up and almost sat down again, all shaking. Ecila helped him to stand and offered him to help him walk. He wanted to go home to his cabin and so she put an arm around his back, while he put one around her shoulders, so he could walk. After all this time he had nothing to drink nor eaten anything. So she first went to the water and gave him water with her hands.

Then Ecila heard some women talking in the distance. She regocnized one of the voices. Wasn’t it her neighbor?

To be continued…

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