Meanwhile the world

Finally something I can believe.

You are pretty alone when it comes to the truth.

And if you are not sure about yourself and the impact, you could silence yourself because you fear to speak up.

When I wrote something about, that wearing masks is pointless, I didn’t mean that there is no need for it. I meant, that it is pointless because if people try to kill or at least manipulate the whole world with fear and biological weapons (I think these words are correct here), then what comes next?

I also meant, that it makes everything harder, harder to speak, to breath and in general feel good. But I also mentioned, that in case the virus would be deadly as hell, that we all should just for the sake of survival wear ABC-suits like in Fallout. And this is why I think it is pointless to wear masks. Because it either supports the whole pandemic in the end (as weird as it sounds) or just is there, but won’t help in the long run because then another virus will come, and another one and more and more fake media reports.

Until truth is something you only read in fiction books, if even.

When it comes to me, I would say, get into the bunkers. But I also think that fear is the worst in such a situation. And someone who’s third name is fear, should know something about it.

A virus can kill you, but then everything could kill you.

When it comes to me, then this whole thing is planned from a long time and from people who don’t care about you and your life. When it comes to me, then I would have told you years ago, maybe a decade ago, that this could happen and will happen and it did. But no one would have listened to me.

All these people with their:

  • “I have nothing to hide.”
  • “Why would anyone do such a thing?”
  • “You have seen too many movies.”
  • “Why should so many people work together to do such a thing?”
  • “Are you wearing an alu hat?”

(And no I don’t wear one, because this is stupid…)

All these people…

I only hope that some people who come out like this virologist, who want to warn the world, that they will succeed.

Why would anyone do such a thing… man… where have you been?

Don’t you remember what happened around the 30s and 40s?

Don’t you remember what happened in the 20s?

I mean, probably not from your own experience because most of the people died already, who could have told first hand. At least those who would have told something, if anyone would have listened.

I don’t know where you all have been, but I knew this is possible and very likely to happen. Wake up, or maybe in two years you won’t be able to tell the difference from reality or a video game. Because then reality would be a game, someone else plays. Or you might be dead, in case you didn’t make it.

I hope you survive out there, wear your mask, but remember, it can’t protect you. (I have to write this because some people really can’t think this far anymore, it seems.) The mask is (for the most part) there to protect others or at least should, if the virus really only gets spread by fluid particles. The last thing you need is fear and hate because they won’t help you to survive in the long run. A healthy “fear” or caution in the unknown is of course not wrong, as long as it stays as a warning and not as a wall.

Most people wasted their youth because they didn’t know what to do.

I wasted my youth because I knew, no matter what I do, I would be seen as fool or crazy one. Why did I do it anyway? Because why not, if everything ends anyway… right? And you never know, maybe then it gets better, at least for someone else who might be searching for hope and help.

You can still call me crazy, call me dumb, when this is all over. I won’t care, but for now… for now I just see that it doesn’t matter, as long as we fight together and not against each other.

💛 Stay safe! 💜