How to fix the world

Stop pushing so hard to find solutions.

If you don’t take the time to think, lean back and relax, it is pointless.

Think about what you want and then tell me what you see.

Do you see big skyscapers? Do you see big cities and robots?

Well, I don’t see that in my visions, but tell me, what do you want and see?

The more technology we get, the more problems we have.

Why can’t we just slow down and make everything less dramatic?

Without a goal, how should you ever reach it?

Without hope for a good world, how should we ever get there (again?)?

Since when did nature need a helping hand? Nature is perfect the way it is, maybe it could be better here and there, but only because these days we have almost no nature. Maybe the hate and fear made nature seem so broken after all. While actually when you take a walk through it, you see how majestic and wonderful it all is.

People who say wolves are evil, they probably just see them this way because they don’t like that there are other beings who are dangerous.

Why is it that some people can “speak” or simply live in harmony with wild animals, sometimes even thought to be dangerous and aggressive ones?

Maybe the animals aren’t as aggressive after all, just scared of us and hungry because we robbed them their home.

Sure some animals, like people, might be dangerous by nature, not only character. But if the solution to find peace would always just be to eliminate what is not peaceful, then how should there be peace?

When you know what you want or at least have a glimpse on what could be in your dreams, your thoughts and heart, then the world might change or we could make it new in the future?

Either way, if you consider destruction and elimination as solution to get perfection, then it might be all wrong. The more we try to make this perfect, the more it breaks. The actual problem is the love we lack. We as humanity.

Put those who carry love inside and not pretend it on the outside in positions where they could show you what it is about.

Some already tried or did it themselves. But as soon as there is comparing, hate and fear again, then you can forget it. We should consider evil as a thing which exists. But we shouldn’t let ourselves get dragged down by it.

The zombie movies and series, the scary sci-fi stories and many many more stories. They show what we have now, just view from another perspective. And some show what could be and should be. Instead people focus on the money, on the perfection, the effects, the reviews or whatever… Why? Why do they do this? For me some amateur movies made me even cry two times, each time I watched them. You can find meaning inside everything.

Everything tells something, even if it might just be a silly thing or just random. But maybe it still made your day or even because it was this way.

A part of the author, the actor, the character, share something with us, show us something. Maybe a part of ourselves, a wish, a hope or a fear.

If the biggest fear would be to be dead, then why do we live?

If the biggest fear should be to be alone, then why are we so many?

If the biggest fear should be the extinction of humanity, why is it that people are waking up?