Paradox in flaws

– Myth of the big old forest –

Once upon a time, there was a tree. The tree just lived, talked with the other trees and plants, like mushrooms and maybe even with ants. He came to stay and grow for some time, but just stay, give fresh air and fruits and catch some water.

Then a human came towards the tree.

The human thought: ‘What, a being which just is and stays and gives all in harmory? A tree just leaves grows? This can’t bee! Down with its head!’

And so the human cut off the tree, got a saw and turned the big old tree into tiny little pieces. This way he could carry this immense body easier away and make some more “useful” things, like bows and arrows.

‘Who needs a tree anyway, they just stand around, take away space and sunlight.’, thought the mighty human wood cutter guy.

He also cut down some of the trees friends and did similar things with them.

One day, there was a big storm and more and more trees were falling down because the bigger ones were already missing.

“Great, now I only have to cut them into pieces.”, the human said almost like a knight after a glorious victory. And the human did as he had said.

He had built a big wooden castle with multiple houses, tools and great walls in the meantime, to fight back the evil animals and for some cover against storms.

Then it got pretty hot over a long period of time. Some of the smaller, remaining trees catched fire even. The once so big and mighty forest was just a dry and empty wasteland now. Some small bushes remainded, together with some coal and ashes, left from the burned down trees.

“Finally I have more space to build and explore!”, the human shouted, while carrying a cart with some tools, poles, sticks and boards and some more things.

He collected some of the coal and either used it for the oven or even to light up the tunnels, he started to dig now. Gold, silver and iron, even copper was down there and tones of more coal. And where once was a big old tree, who just wanted to stay forever with his friends and all forest life, was now a big mine for metal and coal.

The human digged and digged and found more and more and out of the wooden castle grew a fortress out of iron, gold and stone. Now no storm could break down these walls, break down these houses and streets. All solid, all strong and majestic. The human was proud of his work and how everything somehow fell into his hands.

‘What a great life!’, he thought with a big smile and some sweat in his face.

Then one day, there was a big thunder noise. The human woke up in the middle of the night, while the whole ground seemed to shake. The air seemed thick and hotter than usual, while it actually was supposed to be a colder time now. Terrified and confused the human ran outside, on top of his mighty walls. And then he saw it. Where once was his golden mine, now a big hole opened up and glowing liquid came out of it. Sometimes even rising up into the sky some meters high.

The shaking got stronger and even the walls started to shake. As fast as he could, the human ran, almost flew down the stairs, back to the house. He got some tools, some food and what else he could carry and then ran to the mighty gates. But when he tried to open them, his hands did hurt from the heat. The metal started to heat up and then he saw some glowing stones fly over the high walls, right into his house. The house started to burn and was shattered. Also some other buildings got hit and smoke came out of the windows and roofs.

No escape it seemed, the walls were too high to jump down, the gates were blocked and the houses were burning. Then a part of the walls started to break down, while a crack made its way through the castle floor. Luckily it was the opposite side, facing away from the glowing hot liquid pool.

There was a small hole in the wall now, it was not completely open, but it seemed as if he could climb over it and get down on the other side. Maybe with a few wounds, but all better than just waiting inside, waiting for the heat to kill him.

The human tried to climb up the wall and some of the things he carried fell down and broke. When he finally got out to the other side, he only had a bottle with water and a bread. The rest either fell down or turned into mush.

Big clouds of smoke and ashes were rising up on the night sky, while the castle slowly, but steadily broke apart. The human watched it for a while, partially because he couldn’t really understand what just happened, partially because he had nowhere to go.

But when the crack turned into a rift and some hot stones even reached the other side of the castle, he moved on, still shaking and sweating, while gasping for fresh air. He walked and walked over the dust and stones and sand, where once was a big forest land. The bread was already eaten and the water bottle empty. When suddenly the human heard thunder again.

Panic rose up and he moved around his head, searching for the origin. But then a liquid drop hit him and he screamed, not knowing what it was. But then soon more and more drops hit his face. It was warm water, mixed with ash raining down. He smiled and was thankful for the water. But soon the water got more and more. And what started with a few drops, turned into a hurricane. The human started to run again or atleast he tried, but was pretty tired and exhausted from all the smoke and running before.

Then he saw a small hill with a cave, but before he could reach it, something hit him on the back of his head. It was a board, a piece of the old tree, the old tree who he first cut down. It didn’t kill the human, but knocked him out, in front of the cave entry.

When the human woke up again, he was all wet and cold. It was pretty dark around him and his whole body was hurt. Then he realized that he was inside the cave. There was water everywhere and only through the opening, where the cave entry was, came a little light from outside. It must be day then, the human thought.

He drank from the water, cleaned himself and after a little waiting and thinking, he decided to get outside. He first had to find a way and so he tried to slowly move forward in the water. The human was scared and hadn’t really have to swim nor escape out of a flodded cave any time bofore. The only time he had swimmed, was in the lake of the forest, some time ago. But the lake wasn’t as deep and the water was clear.

After some attempts he finally felt confident enough to swim outside. When he got out of the cave he could see light from above and got up. But it was hard to swim because there were waves going up and down next to the hill. And his attempts to safely get out of the water, on top of the now small island, ended with him hitting against a big stone.

When he woke up again, the second time now, after getting hit by something hard, he felt all dizzy, had to vomit and couldn’t really get up.

And there he was, surrounded by water on a small hill. As far as he could see, only water. But then he saw some mountains in the very distant. Maybe he could find some trees, some plants, some food over there. But how should he get there. It was then, when he noticed the big wooden board, floating on the water, next to the hill. Just a few meters away. And so he decided to jump back into the water. There was nothing on this hill to eat anyway and so this was his only chance. When he finally grabbed the board, the human heard yet another thunder like noise. But the sky was clear, all blue and sunny. No hot stones or liquid anywhere. So he continued.

But the swimming got harder and harder and so he tried to just sit on the board. It didn’t really work and also the water seemed to build up waves. Because of this, the human could only keep holding on to the plank, piece of wood. And then a big wave hit him from behind, dragging him down under the water. He didn’t wake up this time, it seemed. From this day on, he was never be seen again. No one knows whether he died down there or what happened to him.

After some days the water level lowered down again and where once was a big castle, were now a mass of dark stones, ashes and dirt. And where once were the big tree, mine, big hole, was now a small hill.

Some days later, some plants started to grow somehow and on top of the mountain was a board.

In the following years some trees appeard, bushes and flowers. And a small forest grew out of the ashes. The only thing left of the big castle, was the top of the castle tower. A small pyramid like roof out of metal. High enough to jump over it. Surrounded by trees and other plants, bees and deers, even wolves and bears. Eating the berries and prasing the trees, which gave them shelter.


Some years later, some other humans found this island, with all the trees, fruits, animals and life. They were thankful for the trees giving them fresh air, giving them something to eat, together with the bushes and their berries, as well as other plants which found a way on to the island.

There were some branches on the ground and also some leaves and so the humans built themselves some beds in the trees or beneath them.

They didn’t cut down the trees nor did they dig deep holes. If even then only to get some water or maybe to build some houses out of dirt.

All else was in their imagination, so they didn’t need much to be happy.

(multiple meanings and some “mistakes” were intended, thanks for asking)