Welcome to the future…

we never wanted. Some have seen it, but we kept sleeping on…

Have a good day or week ya all.

I can’t fight anymore… it hurts too much.

Or as I used to say: “Schlimmer geht immer.”

Which means: It can always get worse.

But the future was written in stone 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago.

And if I or you don’t break this damn stone it was written on, then it will stay written and come true, each day at a time. It is easy to predict the future because most people are just working like machines. And machines are predictable, while humans are not limited to that. In fact, creativity, dreams and all, they are a part of us. But most people already forgot or never learned about it. So I consider it a lost game from the start.

But I know I could change something, just tell me what you want, what you need. TELL ME!

Because if you don’t want anything, then why do you need me after all.

I sure need nothing, I only want this mess to be over.

But whatever I would do, I would most-likely be silenced.

And if not, then I am probably doing what helps those who control the minds.

I don’t think there are many introverts who really use their power. It just seems this way and some maybe do use it, bust most don’t even know they could. Just ten years ago I learned in school that one should not get controlled by the government, but instead control it. But I wrote, that it is impossible, if it is already controlling us. Not even the government, but the global system.

I wrote some poems (some are here on the blog), but it all was pointless after all. Nothing changed for the better. It all just went on and on.

At first when I noticed that some people are acting pretty foolish, I thought they were just acting this way. But more and more I realized, they are just the way they play. And whatever is not a play, they hide away, they fear to speak about it. Think it is crazy, while everything around them actually is crazy. At least most of it. Predictable madness.

A human (or whatever I am) should enjoy the presence of nature, the abscense of technology and the company of other people. There is a misconception, that some people simply can’t handle other people. But the reality is, that the other people are just playing weird roles, hiding away their truth and inner demons. So you can’t stand their fake and this is why it drains your energy. But then you think, that you are “just” an introvert. Whatever that means.

I never was anything, any label or box.

I was just whatever I wanted to be and was free for that matter, but I never saw anyone else like me. So I had to consider the world a lost case.

And it comes back, this lost case because I only see people more and more manipulating themselves and others and holding their own thoughts back. Silencing their own minds with drugs, medication and other things. To somehow survive, while they are dying inside or already died.

I see more and more children, but not the smart ones, just children. Big children, thinking they are adults. And then I see some people who at least feel what I am talking about or maybe they know as well.

What is the use, if we already lost, did we lose?

If I should really be the last hope of the world, then what happens if I die?

The world will keep spinning, but we won’t be winning.

I know that I wanted actual freedom, what you feel as a child, when you break out of the boxes. But most people don’t even know they exist. So how should I show them…

I tried, I tried so many things. Maybe the meme about “It is too late” is true. But I know I could do something. But I don’t want to fight any longer.

Do you even want it anymore? Freedom is slavery… after all.

All predicted, because the humans became so predictable. Not like they used to be. Or how they should have stayed.

If I would have wanted to play God, I probably would have done it in a similar way. Supporting the people, or making them believe that I support them. Because no one can say something against help, right?

A master plan, I never agreed to. A master plan, no one really understands.

Because no one sees what is possible and those who do, might be either dead already, hiding somewhere or not even realizing what they know. Because they think they are crazy or whatever.

I only wanted to be normal, so I could forget that earth is hell.

But I had to want to break hell again, this perfect hell, which seems like heaven. Heaven as we got told, is hell, is earth. While in reality, there could be so much more. Why didn’t you let me die. I just wanted to let them have it. They already own it anyways. But why couldn’t I just leave?

Is this for fun, is someone out there having fun? Watching me writing and sharing all these things… probably.

Everyone could do what I do.

If you want to know how to recognize a dystopia, just consider your reality as one and start from there. If you already don’t understand this, then you are part of it. I don’t know how every detail works and so there might be some hope. But the more days pass by, the fewer the hope gets.

Humans could live hundreds or thousands of years, if we would be free. Look at the trees, as they used to be, before they all got cut down and forgotten. Trees could get hundreds of years old maybe older. But these days, most of the big ones are gone because we cut them down. And young people probably down even know that trees could live forever.

Sorry for words which could seem harsh, but I am also just done.

It doesn’t matter after all, does it? It should, but humanity is already too far out to realize what is going on. Isn’t it? …

Stay safe… and I hope that I won’t post anything anymore.

Or only pointless words maybe… so that it represents my existence a little better. When hope and love are pointless.

Ministery of love my ass…

The people are dying, the people suffer and even if they should get “help”, all they get is a “you have to be like this” label on their faces.

People like Myra are some people who still realize that something isn’t right. But for how long. Not long and we are gone.

Have a good day… it might be the last time I write. I hope that it is, but it never was.

I might stay around for a while. But hopefully I am soon gone for good or I soon do something else, given that I actually have nothing to lose but the image others have of me. Maybe soon I should just tear this fake me apart in front of them and show them who I am. And then I can still go. At least then they would know what they lost. A genius, a hope, no one wanted because they all thought, they knew me. The silent child, the smiling face, the good boy, the not so smart. I know some of my moves weren’t smart, I know some of the topics weren’t good for me. But at least I went into the unknown, while most people stayed in the light. Where everything was given to them, because it was easier.

Have a good one. Why can’t I let you all just have your small little dreams until you all die, not knowing what you could have had…

Probably because you didn’t want to accept death and neither did I, until it became my only escape…

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