Thank you everyone

You are the pieces of the puzzle.

And now wake up, if you didn’t already.

And don’t tell me that you are awake, because you wouldn’t say that, if you are.

We can’t fight alone forever. We get lost this way…

But sometimes we have to, sometimes we had to.

I hope it isn’t too late. So far no one came to silence me.

But these days, this wouldn’t be necessary anyways. Given the times.

I hope it is not too late. Remember, life always finds a way. Let’s hope for it.

It isn’t your fault. It isn’t the people’s fault. They got blinded.

Therefor I am sorry for hurting them. One day they will understand.

Hopefully together with me. I shall live and fight… but it is hard.

Because I don’t fight for my life, but for yours, all the life.

And it kills me, but should it kill me, but give you, all of you your actual life (back), I would if I could. But I think for now it is not the time.

And sorry that I can’t see dream right now or only sometimes. And that I am not sure whether we meet there or not. Hopefully one day, we will meet eye to eye, so we can be sure, that we are who we are. At least, as long as no one steal my identity. But for now I am still here. Stay with me, I don’t like it to feel alone.

I hope it was enough. I hope it was not for the worst.

I hope you hope again now or never stopped to. I stopped to hope.

If you know, what you are fighting for, you at least have something to hope for and we know what we are hoping for. But I am not sure, whether I will be there with you. Or whether we will fight against each other…

I hope one day we will be together in the actual free world, were we can live forever, do whatever we want and be fully ourselves. Fully free.

Until then… tell me if you need something. I will try to help where I can, but only when I can help with it. I can’t do everything. That’s why we are so many. Because we have unique bodies, skills, ideas and talents. But it comes from within and not from outside. Everyone can wear a mask, but not everyone can take it off, without falling apart.

Don’t be scared, you won’t break, what I couldn’t. And even if so, then it might be how it should be. I don’t know your part yet and you maybe don’t understand my part.

But I hope one day, we won’t have to think about all this anymore and just enjoy the nature. The nature outside.

Stay safe out there! This weird voice on the internet loves you!

No matter what. ❤

And so the book closes and everything will be as it was…

Or will it be as we want it to be? Good night, my fellow humans.

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