You were born, that’s all…

After Faith was born, she went towards the line everyone was standing in.

There was a window at the end of the hallway.

It was a slow process it seemed. She waited and waited…

After a while someone passed them by and gave them something to drink and eat. What a nice guy, she thought.

More waiting, more waiting…

Then Someone put paintings on the walls, next to the line.

After some more minutes, she could hear music playing.

Finally she got nearer to the window.

And then she could hear what the man behind the window told the people.

“You were chosen to die. Here are the instructions. Next one please.”

She didn’t really understand, but since she waited in this line for so long, there must be something good waiting, right?

Some more minutes passed, until she finally was in front of the window.

A guy, at least she assumed to be a man, given the voice and body, with a big funny looking mask, greeted her.

Then she asked: “What are these people waiting for?”

A little confused the guy replied: “For the end of course.”

She didn’t understand, did he mean the end of the line, or what exactly?

Then he continued: “You were chosen to die. Here are the instructions.” After that he handed out a piece of paper to her and waved.

“Next one please.”

But she didn’t go away, instead she asked another question: “But if we are all ‘chosen‘ to die, who gave you the right to live or to decide?”

The guy got angry and shouted: “Just go on with the instructions! You are breaking the whole system! I shouldn’t even…” He stopped and instead greeted the next “chosen one“.

She looked at the paper and saw some lines, some symbols and weird pictures. Since she couldn’t read, she had no idea what it all was about and the pictures seemed scary, so she just threw the paper in the trash around the corner. Interestingly enough, the trash semmed almost empty, given the amount of people waiting in the line and passing by. But she didn’t think to much of it.

She continued her walk and found some doors, stairs going up and down and another long hallway. “At least no line”, she thought.

Behind some of the doors she heard screams or mourning sounds. Other doors had loud static noises and some even were shaking. One door even had rainbow colors, but when she tried to open it, she almost burned her hand. And from behind the door came a voice with crazy laughter: “Only I am allowed to be a rainbow, you were chosen to die!”

“How should you know?”, Faith replied.

“Isn’t everyone chosen to die out in these hallways?”, the voice told her.

“But then how got you in there?”, Faith asked.

“You ask me? I always was in here, I was the chosen rainbow.”, was the overdramatized answer.

Faith knew, it was no use talking to the “rainbow” voice any longer, so she continued down the hallway, towards the stairways.

When she reached the end of the hallway, where the stairs are, she noticed that the corridor was opening up into a bigger room, with the stairs in the middle. There were more doors and openings on the left and right side of the room and one even in the wall facing towards the direction she came from. Faith slowly walked around the stairs and found another opening in the wall. Another corridor, but at the end of it, there was bright light. And she could swear she had heard some children playing and some animals.

Before she was walking into the second corridor, she checked the other doors first. But they all seemed locked and some even had nothing to open them, at least nothing visible. Only the door facing the opposite direction seemed to open up. But in there it smelled disgusting and she also heard some weird noises from inside. So she decided to better close the door before something comes out of it. The other openings in the wall also didn’t look too promising and she had no flash light, so she just walked towards the light.

She noticed some smybols on the stairways, while she walked passed them, but since she couldn’t read, it didn’t matter all that much to her. Faith only noticed that the symbols looked almost similar, although one stairway was going up and the other one was going down.

But the lit up end of this second hallway behind these two, seemed way better than anything this place and all the previous ones had to offer.

She seemed to be the only one who walked down here, the hallway was still clean and new as if it was never used, almost as new. And she didn’t die it seemed because Faith didn’t follow the instructions and instead just followed her intuition. Maybe she wasn’t the only one, but not too many walked down here for sure. She would find out, when she reaches the light.

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