A morning, a morning like any other.

A life like any other, or so it seemed.

Mark prayed and prayed, but nothing came out of it.

Only empty prayers it seemed. Then he realized, that the meaning behind the praying was the prey. Praying was giving. So why is it, that he gave so much and got nothing? Was he just there to be a prey after all?

A prey for the gods, a prey for all those who didn’t pray or want to be the prey? Probably. So he stopped praying, if the only use in it was to be the prey.

Then he realized, that it was not about the words, not about the prayer at all. It was about giving, giving for someone else.

He noticed, that he had only wanted things for himself, but then he understood, that if he gave others what he would have wanted, then he would give and help. But also get in return a new friend or just knowing that he did give from what he could give.

If he only would have know earlier, that in nature there are symbotic relationships, that in nature there is giving and taking of different kinds, a balance of things.

He got told to pray, to work and pay.

But now he realized, finally he realized, that it was about what he would have wanted to give those who are in need like he was.

But then he realized, he had nothing to give. So he at least tried to help if others needed a hand, needed an ear or someone by their side, to make them feel less alone. It wasn’t about the prayer. It was about the prey.

Comment: Well, this isn’t about me because my life was pretty messed up and different from this. And if we would be in (an / the) ideal world we would like to have, we wouldn’t need all these painful preys or ways to live. We would simply live together and make each others lives more interesting, would be creative and also live together with nature and such things.

Maybe one day… when the people who just want to profit from this, don’t control the world anymore. Let’s hope this day comes sooner…

Or maybe it is a parasite after all, who knows, who knows.

Oh hey look… I got another track…